“They’re called boobs Ed”

No I have not flashed my boobs at some unsuspecting Turk here in Mersin instead I am going to get on my Erin Brockovich styled high horse and talk about something serious.  Boring!  Close the page and go back to your cat videos or photos of naked Kim Kardashian or whatever quickly because Janey is off on another tangent!

Starting off small I hate the fact that The Turk says all the fruit and vegetables are “organic” but I watch sprays and poisons being used by my neighbours on a daily basis.  The smell will waft up to our terrace and I know I am breathing in God only knows what type of cancer causing toxins.  Hate it!

blinkyWhat is worse is that I live quite near a chemical factory.  According to their website the factory manufactures “calcium ammonium nitrate and diammonium phosphate as well as fertilizer as nitric acid, sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid production”.  What are these things?  Who the feck knows as I failed 8th grade science but I am pretty damn sure that the yellow smoke that spews out of the factory at 3 in the morning isn’t good for your health and it is probably spilling its overflow into our waterways causing Blinky to mutate.  Perhaps if I serve Blinky up as Marge did then people will start to realise just how dangerous these chemicals are to our environment.

To go a little further on the subject of our water here in Mersin recently we had a water filtration system installed in our kitchen which, although incredibly expensive to install, in the long run will ultimately save us money.  It also means we are not lugging huge bottles of water up stairs twice a week.  While the system was being installed they tested our tap water for contamination and pathogens and I am calling it – it was putrid!  Interestingly they also tested a sample of our well water and I was surprised to learn that the well water is so dirty that it would be dangerous to even bathe in it which leads me back to the three eyed fish comment above.

What else?  Oh, yes, I know I have questioned this before but why are they building a nuclear power plant in a country where earthquakes are regular occurrences?  Did they not learn anything from Japan?  There has been a lot of interest in the legality of the approval to build this environmental disaster in the making and there are many current court cases on the dock regarding the legality of the Environmental Impact Statement.  Turkey’s Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) have replaced the judges overseeing the cases filed against the power plant although as the HSKY is frequently criticised for interfering in high profile cases I cannot see a fair trial any time in the near future after all money talks.  Should I point out that this power plant will be operated by a Russian company.  Hello?  Chernobyl anyone?

While I am finally climbing down off my high horse and adjusting my pants I just want to give you all a final example of stupidity – the proposed development at Gallipoli/Gelibolu.  I am appalled at the possibility of any development on this peninsular.  This should be a World Heritage site protected so future generations have the opportunity to visit, to learn and to pay their respects.  To my Aussie friends and followers spread the word and let your local representative know about this ridiculous approval.  The money that Turkey gains from Australian tourism would have to have some bearing on any potential development surely?  (See story here).

Ugh I have brought you all down haven’t I?  Sorry guys but I just shake my head at the ridiculousness of the situation here sometimes.  Everything is just so fecking difficult and it just shouldn’t be!

On a bright note a friend has just returned from Bodrum with bacon.  BACON!  Imma gonna eat bacon for breakfast on Saturday morning!  If life is bringing you down … well get a friend to bring you bacon and everything will be alright!



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14 thoughts on ““They’re called boobs Ed”

  1. . . have to say (on inappropriate/dangerous/stupid developement) ‘So, what is different from anywhere else on the planet, apart from the fact that you and I happen to live here?’ There is no real democracy anywhere and Mother Earth does not have a vote (other than Bolivia) anyway. From countless radiation leaks in the UK to the destructive mineral mining in OZ that is being burnt and pumped into the atmosphere in China whilst destroying the great barrier Reef to endless FUKUS wars for control of resources to . . You want a rant? Just sit down with me and a glass or three of rakı – I’ll give you a rant!


  2. Boobs! We have an “Organik Pazari” in Ankara on Sundays. I don’t fall for it! There doesn’t seem to be any regulation – although I may be wrong. It is a great way to raise prices! I actually just had this conversation last night . . .


  3. First of all this is definitely NOT boring, and as I have no cat videos, and I am certainly not interested in “Keeping up with the Kardigans” I was looking forward to reading it. “Janey is off on another tangient ” ……. I knew it would be a good read! Lots of very interesting information as usual, and just to let you know, you have NOT brought me down. However as I am vegetarian I will not be eating any Bacon, although I may just put some in a pan and delight in the aroma.
    ~ ~ ~ The main thing is, its off your “BOOBS” and you must feel better for it.
    Kind regards.


  4. Hi Jane!

    For as much as I agree with you with environmental concerns and water pollution, I have to say that there’s a fine line between being concerned and having irrational fear. Take, for example, the chemical plant near where you live. They make calcium ammonium nitrate, which is basically limestone, a compound of calcium and nitrogen, two very common elements in the world (nitrogen makes up to 70% of our atmosphere). They are fertilizers, because they can be found in, well, poop. And since poop has the unsavory habit of emitting methane as it degrades, and it needs someone to make it, using CAN is easier. CAN, though, can be used to make bombs, which is why it’s banned in Afghanistan. Diammonium phosphate and the other fella are fertilizers as well and, even though they can alter the pH of the land, it’s thanks to them if 7 billion people have food on their tables.
    As for having a nuclear power station, well, you have to remember that Fukushima power station survived unscathed the strongest earthquake ever recorded; it’s the tsunami that got it (and if it wasn’t the tsunami I’m pretty sure that Godzilla would’ve arrived next, or hell knows what). And, true, Russian did Chernobyl but the Americans did Three Mile Island, the Brits did Sellafield (whose cleaning is still being paid by my tax!) and there were many incidents everywhere. But how many billions of tonnes of CO2 did we save by using atomic energy instead of burning coal, petrol or gas?
    The fact is that we’re humans, and humans get complacent and mess things up. Does it mean that we need to stop producing electricity, or fertilizing our fields? No. But we do need to keep an eye out for complacency, stop cutting corners and do things properly.

    Ok, enough rambling from me 🙂


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    • Firstly woah FAabrizio you definitely did pass your 8th grade science lol. I should have sat next to you. Secondly, a big thank you for giving my a lesson. Just typing those words gave me a headache and trying to understand it was nothing short of a migraine (but of course that could also be the cancerous pollutants in the water here lol). xx

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  5. Great read the fun blogs are fantastically funny but life also has it,s serious side this would not happen in the U.K. yes we would be lied to but common sense would prevail.


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