Wok China Restaurant

Just how far would you go for a decent Chinese meal?  Is it across the street?  Maybe it’s a few blocks from home.  Nice eh?  Back in Sydney I wouldn’t have needed to go far at all but here in Mersin?   Here in Mersin you need to leave the city.  Yep despite living in a city with a population of 1.1 million people you need to get on your bike because nowhere in this city of 1.1 million can a person get a decent Chinese meal (and the first person who mentions Blush to me will be banned from my site).  So where does a person need to go?  Does it require airfare and a passport?  No just a car, some travelling companions and the willingness to travel to the city of Adana (85 kilometres east of Mersin) to hunt out the elusive Wok China Restaurant.

chinese 2

Was it worth it?  Hell yeah!  Coupled with a good 4 hours spent shopping at M1 (seriously where does the time go?) and a quick drive through the city we arrived at Wok China Restaurant exhausted but totally psyched for our Chinese banquet.

[The following paragraph is going to make me sound like one of those pretentious prat restaurant reviewers!  I am not an asshole but you have been warned!]

Despite the fact that we had to wait for our alcoholic bevies (a sacrilege in my mind) the food was delivered with a flourish, freshly prepared and delicious.  Beginning with a plate of sushi (courtesy of the chef), followed by various stir fry’s including a pretty good Szechuan Beef and a fantastic Chilli Chicken our taste buds were definitely tempted and my waistline was definitely growing ever larger.  The thing to remember with Chinese food being cooked by a Turkish chef is that it is Chinese food prepared by a Turkish chef so the dishes may not be quite as authentic as they could be or perhaps should be.  Having said that every single dish served was distinctly Chinese – not a kebab in sight!  The effort was definitely there and the staff were all lovely so put aside your expectations as you walk through the door.  It may not be exactly what my memories conjure up when I recall my last Chinese banquet but it was definitely more than I had hoped for.

photovisi-download (1)

Price wise, it was very, VERY reasonable.  We ordered 4 mains plus rice and noodles, a couple of rounds of drinks and 3 separate orders of takeaway (Daughter was desperate for me to bring home spring rolls) and we still spent much less than we would have here in Mersin.  Does this say anything about the prices of the high end restaurants in Mersin?  It sure does!  I have said before that the only people who can afford to eat at the high end restaurants here are international drug barons but of course we still go to them as there are no other western style restaurants to be found.

To those of you in Adana get over to Wok China and have an excellent feed.  To those of you in Mersin – let me know when you are going and I’ll tag along!

wok china


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10 thoughts on “Wok China Restaurant

  1. . . we too had a place locally that called itself a Chinese Restaurant – it should have been done under the trades description or sale of goods act (if such a thing exists). It appears that if you add an excess of soy sauce to anything then it is Chinese! Adana is a long way to come, but I’m seriously considering it!


  2. We discovered a Chinese ‘all you can eat buffet for a fiver’ in Lincolnshire.
    With such a variety, we took a little of several dishes, then would go up again for a different selection, never piling our plates high as some other patrons who to us were just gluttons. The restaurant’s policy for waste was if you piled your plate and then left it, you had to pay for another ‘place’. Sadly it closed (you really don’t want to know why) but we eventually found another. With 40 main dishes (compared to only 25) to chose from plus a small selection of desserts, it was an extra pound (ten round the waist), but worth every tasty penny!


    • That is way you can only get a decent kebab in Turkey, a decent spring roll in Honkers and a decent curry in Dehli! And if you find yourself in Australia … well they make a great chiko roll LMAO!


  3. One of the things that always amaze,s me here in Marmaris is the fact you can get Chinese,Indian,Turkish and English food in the same restaurant how the he’ll does that work.


  4. I’m with you … I’d travel that far for good Chinese. But you can find decent asian restaurants in Norway. But Mexican restaurants? Nope. Coming from the US, I understand why they’re not really found in Norway. But that doesn’t mean I don’t drool at the thought of it. And that explains why I overdose on it when I’m back in the US visiting family. 🙂


    • Daughter and I were in London recently and we spent all out time going from restaurant to restaurant. Indian, Chinese, Mexican, you name it – we ate it! In fact we also went to a Turkish restaurant where Daughter picked apart each dish and explained why they weren’t as good as her aunts or her cousins or even once, mine!

      I did pass a Mexican sign when we were in Adana – perhaps that will be my next destination!


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