A Little Bit of Everything – and a lot of Nothing!

I have found it difficult to blog recently.  I didn’t want to jump straight back into my usual humour after the last few posts about the refugee crisis.  It seemed rather insensitive.  So I gave it a little rest and for those of you who ‘like’ my FB page I have just been putting up some political and humorous links about Türkiye.

So I will ease into it and just spit out a few little tit bits to get us started.  Is it ‘tit bits’ or ‘tid bits’?  ‘Tit bits’ sounds wrong.

First up, it is Bayram right now.  For those of you who don’t know what Bayram is here is some lay person information.  Think of it as Bayram for Dummies.  When I was pregnant I brought Pregnancy for Dummies and it was extremely helpful.  Thankfully so far this year it has been a quiet one.  Do you remember when you were kids and you would have one Christmas at home and then the next at some other relo’s house?  This is what appears to have happened so far this year.  Everyone in the family has disappeared – except my father in law.  Never my father in law.  We still have to make the obligatory trips to extended family members and, of course, there are the constant trips to the fecking cemetery, but I think I am going to get through this Bayram stress free!  Finger’s crossed though as I don’t want to jinx myself.  Iyi Bayramlar!

baby goat

Next up on my list is this – I don’t think it is every going to rain in Mersin again.  EVER!  There is the potential for a good rain.  There are dark clouds, really ominous clouds.  There is even excitement but, sadly, no follow through.  The sun comes out again and the never ending heat continues to taunt us.  LIKE A BITCH!  And it’s been raining fecking everywhere in Turkey right now.  Bodrum has had flooding.  Marmaris has storms.  Even Adana has had some crazy downpours.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am still a summer girl.  I hate the cold and generally I hate the rain as well but after a rain free zone of some 120+ days I really need a downpour to take the edge off.  I need a fix.  Yes, yes I know we had a storm after that recent earthquake but that was more of an addendum to the earthquake and, anyway, that was more wind than anything else so it doesn’t count.

So I am still waiting.  And it is still motza hot here.  And I am kinda over it.  And of course I will complain about the cold soon enough but right now – I just want a little rain!

On the bright side school goes back on Monday after 8,765 days off (well it seems like it anyway).  That is 8,765 days of Daughter loving Calum Hood (from 5SOS), dreaming about Calum Hood, talking about Calum Hood and hating absolutely everyone and absolutely everything else.  That means you!  And me!  And definitely The Turk!  When I was 13 I was going to marry George Michael.  I didn’t.  But I am holding out that Daughter gets her dream wedding to her dream man.  I mean they both love Hawaiian Pizza so it looks like they could be a perfect match!  So if any of you happen to know Mr Calum Hood let me know would you.

calum 2

Finally I am still holding onto my dream of becoming the next J.K. Rowling (or more correctly a Turkish-inspired Jackie Collins – ooh la la!) and have been plugging away on completing my first novel.  I start.  I stop.  I delete.  I start again.  But I am pushing myself this time thanks to a little bit of encouragement from a friend here in Mersin.  So if I disappear I will be back.  I should probably keep going while I have the enthusiasm.

Oh and speaking of my blog I was recently contacted by a mainstream news channel to give an opinion on the freedom of press in Türkiye.  Thank you very much but I as I said to them I am merely a little blogger and not nearly as knowledgable as I could be or should be to give an opinion on pretty much anything.  Plus I kind of like being anonymous (I know I am not really anonymous) but I don’t want to get blocked (or worse) so I’ll just keep smiling and writing about kittens and unicorns! I was totally chuffed at being noticed by them though.  For those of you interested in seeing the report the link is here.

So that’s it for now.


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15 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything – and a lot of Nothing!

  1. I think you’re living a parallel life to us in your corner of Turkey! Also struggled with blogging recently….also trying to write my first book…. That said, we have had more than enough rain over the past few days – though fortunately nowhere near as bad as Bodrum, wow! – and we live a bit far out for the drummers to come knocking. Got my bag of sweets at the ready for the kids though! Wishing you and yours iyi bayramlar. 🙂


  2. Janey, we are definitely on the same page as regards the heat – like you I am sooooooo over it! However, thankfully we have had a couple of days of rain, torrential at times but no flooding, and it is absolute heaven. Not what you want to hear I guess! Let’s hope whoever is up there in charge of the weather sends you some soon!


  3. . . getting noticed here is a tadge dangerous if your views differ from ‘you know who’ or ‘you know who’s’ secret-staters – they don’t generally knock us foreigners off, they just ship us out! Good fortune (luck doesn’t come into it) with the writing 🙂


  4. Thanks so much for following my new blog – Not much there yet but I, like you have 900 million things to cope with just now… and this heat !! Well you said it all.

    I can see that we are most likely kindred spirits.. I also write and have that many WIP’s to sort out and do something with… one day…

    Lovely blog you have here.. will be popping in often…

    Iyi bayramlar….


  5. Glad to see a post from you Janey. Can identify with the heat, we’ve had some really hot days lately, but then the rain comes and we sizzle back to more comfy temps. Saying that though, we are in for an Indian Summer according to the experts, with temps in the mid 20s, and here we are approaching October!


  6. LOL NEVER give your opinion on Turkish politics while living in Turkey. The Turkish will say “oh, we just want to know a foreigner’s opinion, feel free to say anything”. It’s a trap. I repeat, IT’S A TRAP.


  7. Well enjoy Eid or Bayram, what are you cooking, if it is good I might drop in on you. And since it is Bayram you always make extra. Turkish Cemeteries are lovely, the ones in Istanbul with all those Pasha’s were very nice.


  8. So summer is coming to an end I,’ve so enjoyed your blogs more so In the winter when I,m here in the UK wishing I was in Turkey but only a few years and we retire and we will spend more time there carry on the good work


  9. Jane I am so thrilled you are finally giving it a really good crack at writing a book, you know I have thought you should write one since we met, and that was a looonnngg time ago now! I will be one of the first to buy your books when they eventually get published!


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