10 Reasons Why Mersin Is The Most Underrated Tourist Destination in Türkiye

1          This is the Mersin.

Map 1

The little-known province of Mersin (previously known as Icel) is located in southern Turkey but is often overlooked by visitors who prefer the flashier touristic areas of Bodrum or Marmaris.  It is located east of Alayna (and south of Cappadocia).  Really!  Look on the map.

2.          Mersin is known throughout Turkey as the Pearl of the Mediterranean and it’s easy to see why.

Mersin city

3.         Look!  A castle!  In the sea!  I know!


According to the legend, a king had the castle built in the middle of the sea to protect his daughter from her tragic destiny.

4.          Speaking of the sea it is everywhere and it is incredibly blue.  And idyllic.  And you are totes wishing you were here right now aren’t you?

plajiMersin’s coastline is over 320 kilometres of sparkling sea.  Will you jump in with the locals and float away your troubles or will you find an idyllic piece of coastline all to yourself?

5.          You want history?  Mersin’s got it in spades. Alahan 4

Ancient castles pepper the coastline and mountains crags.  Did you know that archaeologists have proven civilisation in Mersin dating back to 6,300 BC.  I mean that’s really old!

6.          Enough natural beauty to blow you away.


waterfalls 1

Photo Credit:  Mersin Gezi Klubu

From its pristine beaches with crystal-clear water, rugged mountains with hidden waterfalls, green valleys and lush forests Mersin has everything to offer the outdoorsy type or if a scenic drive is more your thing then most of Mersin’s otoban (motorway) has been or is being upgraded enabling an easy drive through spectacular scenery.  Either way, the natural beauty and diversity are bound to astound you.

7.          It’s sunny – a lot!  I mean a lot a lot.

yenikoy 7

Mersin can boast around 300 days of sunshine a year.  Average highs of 35C in July for those who like it hot although even in October its temperature is in the low 30C’s.

8.          Mersin’s food culture will blow your mind and your taste buds.

food collage

Fresh, locally sourced produce, juicy kebabs, mouth-watering mangal (barbeque) and outstanding desserts — with a mix of Turkish, Arabic and Ottoman influences it’s hands down probably the best food anyone could ever eat.

9.          It is ancient and modern all mixed into one amazing part of Turkey.

soli 2

The coastline has been inhabited since before the birth of Christ and speaking of Christianity Paul the Apostle was born in the city of Tarsus.

10.          Just uggghhhh!

mersin-city-sunset-2012 1.jpg

And a bonus reason – It’s incredibly cheap!  Unlike its pricey neighbours to the west (no I’m not pointing fingers at you Bodrum, Antalya or Marmaris) you will pay significantly less for your accommodation, your meal and even your beer.

beer 2


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