Destination Anywhere . . .

Daughter and I have been discussing where we want to visit over the coming months.  I have discussed the possibility of road trip in Turkey during the summer but have also given her the option of picking somewhere outside of Turkey to visit – after all we have 3 months of vacation to fill.

Having lived in Australia for, well, forever, I have often called it the ass end of the world.  Not because the people are asses (they are not) or does it in any way resemble an ass (it does not).  Australia is the most beautiful country in the world.  No 1.  Best place ever!  I merely refer to the globe and where Australia is located on said globe.  Living in the ass end of the world means it doesn’t matter where you want to go you have to get on a plane and travel for a bloody long time to go anywhere (except for New Zealand and once you’ve done that shit you do not want to do it again).*


Now that we have the prospect of living on Europe’s doorstep the possibilities are endless.  London is on the list (to visit my one of my oldest friends that abandoned us some years ago to live with the Poms), Greece is right next door and Italy is a mere 2 hours away.  “Where do you want to go?”

“Port Stephens.”

Port Stephens!

port stephens

Please don’t get me wrong.  I have been to Port Stephens many times over the years.  It is a lovely spot.  There is whale and dolphin watching, some great restaurants and a nice little spot for a getaway from Sydney.  A great vacation spot – but we are living in Turkey!

I had to ask her why Port Stephens?

“I have never been.”


I have suggested that we limit the flight time to 4 hours in any direction (which I think is more than generous) and told her to get on the internet and do some research (this is always the way we do things when preparing for a holiday).  It is Daughter’s job to pick a destination to be approved by us adults and, if approved, she then needs to provide us with 5 interesting things to do in that city (and 3 of these things must be free).

She’s been in her room for a couple of hours now but just popped her head out the door –

“Would you be prepared to sleep in a hotel made entirely of ice?”

ice hotel

*with apologies to my sister in law and to any other kiwi’s out there.  Love New Zealand.  Trekked it many years ago.  Beautiful place.  Great sheep.  Little cold for my liking but I prefer it hot (as we all know).  Actually I should also apologise to the English as I called them poms.  I copped a backlash a couple of weeks back on the blogosphere for enjoying a giggle written by someone about English tourists.  I will not make that mistake again.

10 thoughts on “Destination Anywhere . . .

  1. Haha, dangerous venture, letting the kids decide 🙂
    We really wanted to do a roadtrip around Turkey, but fuel costs are crippling these days. Even visiting the outlaws in Ankara costs 500TL, so there’s a chunk of salary gone before we even do anything, grrr…. Oh well, one day.
    We did get away last summer, and hit a couple of neighbouring Greek Islands for 10 days – absolutely wonderful, especially as 15 degrees cooler than here in August 🙂 Somehow doubt if we can repeat this year the way the TL/Euro exchange rate is going – same holiday has already ‘gone up’ in real terms by 25% in just the last few months, but salary only changed by 4% I think…. and that’s assuming all prices stayed the same, hmm,


    • I am thankfully still working on the Aussie dollar so we can get a little further afield this year (The AU is flying against the TL at the moment). I did warn Daughter that next year we will need to be a little tighter with the budget but right now it is time for a little adventure.


      • Go for it while you can – too right!
        Our political time bomb is ticking, hence the TL is being hammered all round. We have TL only income so it kinda sucks when travel is priced internationally. Hey ho, stuff happens, eh, can’t do much about it?


  2. London is very nice in the summer. Plenty of free things to do!
    We have been making the most of being in England by doing lots of Euro weekend breaks. Sweden is my favorite so far (my family came from Sweden in the 1920s).


  3. I had a fabulous time in NZ (went Aug-Oct), saw plenty of sights, and my sister in law took me to loads of places for the cost of the fuel. Would love to go again with Hubby and we’d explore together. I’m glad you and your daughter are preparing in advance for the Summer. Enjoy it, you’re only young once!


  4. There are ice hotels in Norway too. They look fascinating on TV documentaries and on the Internet … but have to admit I have no desire to actually stay in one! 🙂 Wherever you all decide to go, I’m sure it will be a wonderful trip!


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