So what’s my peeve today?

Let me enlighten you.

The Turk has been gone nearly one week.  What have I realised in The Turk’s absence?

The Turk does the cleaning.  I hate cleaning.

The Turk does the vacuuming.  I hate vacuuming.

The Turk really is a sensational chef.  To anyone who knows The Turk personally knows just how good a chef he is.  His pizza is legend – wait for it – ary.  Legendary!  I attempted pizza for Daughter and I last night.  It was not legendary.  It was – adequate.  Daughter called it adequate.  *Sigh*

The Turk also goes to the butcher.  I loathe going to the butcher.  I loathe the smell of the butcher and I loathe looking at the meat hanging on hooks.

I know that we have already established that I am a failure in the Turkish Housewife stakes but I am starting to realise that perhaps The Turk does more around here than I have given him credit for.

And this brings me to my next peeve.

A mountain of garbage that is accumulating outside my home.  I live between what is currently a building site to my right and a 3 level building consisting of 4 apartments on my left.  Each apartment has a family member living in it.  The building site does my head in, always has, always will.  Minus the fact that Vito has built their shop and home abutting our building their builders would have to be the laziest and dirtiest builders I have ever had the non-pleasure of coming across.  Crap everywhere and while I am on that subject “Where do they crap?”  There is no toilet facility built yet and I am curious as to where they go when nature calls.  You know when we were building out balcony my mother in law caught our builder doing a shit in our basement!  Yes seriously!  She went ballistic.  Best thing I ever saw.  She picked up the bok (shit) in her hand and chased him with it before throwing it in his face.  We never saw that particular builder again.  There’s your Turkish word of the day – bok!

Back to my peeve.

garbage monster

To our left we have the three level building with 4 apartments.  While The Turk was here I would often see him carrying bucket after bucket of garbage to the large dumpster down the street.  With him now gone the buckets are overflowing, the stray cats are ecstatic and the smell is all consuming.

This morning I witnessed a family member who shall remain nameless throw a bag of garbage out the window narrowly missing My Hurley Dog and I as we were in the garden.  WTF?  Not only are they too lazy to take the garbage to the bin now it seems they are even too lazy to walk it down the stairs?

My frustration levels are at boiling point.  These people are happy to live in filth but I am not.  They drop garbage where they stand.  The neighbour’s dog poops everywhere and no one cleans it up.  It’s a Rottweiler folks.  That bok is bigger than my foot!  Recycling is non-existent.  This really is getting out of hand.

As I sit here on my balcony enjoying the warm autumn breeze (thankfully not coming in from the east) I honestly wonder whether this mountain of crap is one lightning bolt away from becoming its own entity, with thoughts and feelings.  And if this mountain of crap is only one lightning bolt away from becoming its own entity do I have to feed that too?


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8 thoughts on “So what’s my peeve today?

  1. Ah, know where you’re coming from.
    Living on a boat there are a few changes to what was our normal cleaning routine.
    For instance, I have no vacuum cleaner. The one we had was too fat to get in the boat, let alone push round it, and I refuse to pay over £250 for a dinky one when a one pound long handled dustpan and brush does the job perfectly.
    Loos. Yes, we have a flush loo, but it is of the cassette variety, and needs emptying every four days or so. We are ‘particular’ and thus far have not done the nasties in it, legging it up to the toilet block which is on main sewage (phew). I have had the necessary tuition in cassette emptying though. (Now wash your hands!)
    Dog mess: have always cleaned up after Maggie at home, and here on the dog walk is no different. Sadly, a couple of owners of BIG dogs don’t, and I’m not the only one fed up with it. Funnily enough, one of the culprits hasn’t been seen lately and got a ticking off a little while ago as his dog was running amok on the marina.
    Rubbish: I still have a swing bin, but it’s dolls size, put a few tea bags in it and a couple of empty crisp packets, and it’s full. We have to take our rubbish (and sort it for recycling) to the enclosure and put it in the correct dumpster. At least each boat is responsible for its own.
    Hope The Turk’s not away for long and things get back to normal for you shortly. 🙂


  2. Hah! Enjoyed your discomfiture (or was it your story-telling?) so much. Seems you are well-and-truly being pissed and shat upon. On a brighter note I have added you to the blog list on my blog, hope that’s OK and not the stool that broke the sheila’s back!


  3. I know what you mean about super-husband. When mine goes away for a few days, life sucks. Are you doomed to live in this hell until you die, or will you be moving back to the life style to which you were accustomed? 🙂


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