Kurban Bayram

Today marks the eve of Kurban Bayram and its 4.5 day celebration.  All the households are busy with preparation for the celebration.  I am frantically cleaning as I know there will be a constant flow of guests through the door.  Daughter is crazy excited as there is no school until next Wednesday and can currently be found downstairs with her cousins while trying to round up My Hurley Dog who appears to be chasing kittens around the garden.  The Turk’s sister is arriving tomorrow with her family as well which means a very full household for the next week.

All this plus a sneaky expat get together on Saturday night means I will probably not be around for the next few days.  For those of you who are unaware of Kurban Bayram I wrote a piece last year (link below) which sums up my thoughts on this celebration.

To all my readers I say Kurban Bayramin kutlu olsen and I will be back on board next week.kurban bayram

Incidentally I don’t think the sheep are really all that happy about Bayram.  Pretty sure about that actually.


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4 thoughts on “Kurban Bayram

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  2. Hello Jane, I’m writing you from Czech Rep. and I would like to have holiday in Mersin with my 1 year old son and I really wonder if is right time to travel to Mersin? Could you pls post me your opinion?

    Looking forward to hearing from you



    • Mersin is lovely and safe. We are quite a distance from the Syrian border and there is no internal unrest here. As a tourist destination Mersin is unique as it does not fall in the usual tourist layover. This is great for someone visiting here as you are not paying the high prices that you would usually pay in say Marmaris or Bodrum. And Turkish people adore children so your bub will no doubt be spoilt rotten.

      Enjoy your holiday, you will never regret it!


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