Daughter’s Big Bang Theory

As my regular followers will no doubt recall Daughter has come to blows with the Din Öğretmeni (Religion Teacher) more than once regarding her religious beliefs so this following tale should not surprise many of you.

Yesterday in Din Daughter’s Öğretmen explained to the students that they should not put up “Noel” trees as it allows students to be influenced by consumerism brought into favour by western influences.  During the months of December and January students should concentrate on their scriptures and on learning about Allah.  One of Daughter’s friends piped up and said that Daughter had a Noel tree and Daughter said, “No I have a Christmas tree”.

The conversation went down a little like this:

Öğretmen:          Are you Catholic?

Daughter:            No.

Öğretmen:          Is your father?

Daughter:            No.  He is Muslim.

Öğretmen:          Is your mother?

Daughter:            (plainly being a pain in the ass) No.  She is a practicing Buddhist.

Well at that point the Öğretmen went bright red and Daughter was certain that she was going to have a conniption.  All around Daughter friends were giggling and Daughter was, of course, enjoying the limelight immensely.

Öğretmen:          Well what religion are you?

Daughter:            I don’t believe in one God.

Öğretmen:          (clearly bothered by this statement) What?

Daughter:            I do believe in a higher entity.  I do believe in good versus evil.  I don’t believe that there is one right or wrong God or one right or wrong religion.

Öğretmen:          But who made you?

Daughter:            My Mum and Dad.

At this stage the class were laughing hysterically and the Öğretmen realises that they have moved from a Religious class to a Sex Ed class.

Öğretmen:          But who made the birds and the flowers and the trees?

Daughter:            It all started with the Big Bang – BANG!

big bang

The Turk has been called up to the school this morning.  He is wishing he stayed in Australia right now.  I am glad I am not going as I find the whole thing hilarious!



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11 thoughts on “Daughter’s Big Bang Theory

  1. Ahhh! the joys of youthful honesty – long may she continue to think for herself as the world, as a whole, degenerates back to the Dark Ages. That said, unbridled thinking is becoming more and more dangerous.


  2. The teacher needs a reality check…or a kick up the arse!!! My daughter is doing this at school and her teacher is very different, they are just learning about Islam itself and not being told this is right and everything else is wrong. We are muslim and I want my children to know that people believe in different things and those people are not wrong – just different. But hey if everyone had a little respect (go Aretha!!) this world would be a better place.

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  3. I agree with Alan, your daughter has spirit and may it grow. One of the few things in life that are free are your thoughts and she and everyone are entitled to these and should be proud. She reminds me of me at her age but I later learned that tact in certain circumstance was best and I kept my head down to keep out of trouble and not to appear antagonistic – only sometimes though, not a lot LOL


  4. I would so love to have seen the teacher’s face. What an ass, he may be teaching about religion but it’s not a licence to indoctrinate and tell people what to believe. Ooops sorry, forgot myself for a minute, it’s Turkey and that’s exactly what ‘educators’ are meant to do.

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  5. Such a change – When my daughter was at school here 15 years ago, Allah wasn’t mentioned in the classroom, it was all Ataturk. She was told she could love her mother and father but must love Ataturk more. I gave up and took her to a country where she was allowed to have ideas of her own.


  6. Love it…reminds me of my recent comment to my husband’s brother (devout Catholic) that I no longer believed and am an atheist. He went ballistic . I tried to argue my point, but he became more and more agitated. I feared he could have a heart attack, and changed the topic.


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