Dear Türkiye

I am not standing by your side today for I am far, far away but I know that you are suffering and I weep for you.

image1I know you must feel manipulated and bullied by those who want you for their own personal gain. Those that feel that they can control you and own you. I see you being scrutinized and gossiped about by your so-called friends and neighbours who twist their own hateful words to the world until you feel that there is no hope left. And I know there are those that wish you nothing but harm with wave after wave of attacks against your countrymen by an enemy wielding instruments of death. You have been overwhelmed by the hatred when you yourself have been so generous and opened your heart and your arms to welcome so many less fortunate. It must be hard to hold your head up high with so many wishing you harm.

Fighting for your life can be painful and God knows you have suffered. We are all witness to your pain. I know that you have tried to be strong. We all see your bravery. Don’t give up Türkiye. Don’t let the hate and the negativity win.

A great man once said, “Peace at home, peace in the world”. You and I know that great man as your father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He made you strong. He made you proud. And if you just Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in time of pain you will continue to be a strong and proud nation, now and forever.


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13 thoughts on “Dear Türkiye

  1. Thank you…… One of your best yet. From the heart.

    I flew to Turkey the day after the Bombings at Istanbul.
    and have just recently returned from Marmaris visiting friends & family.

    So very sad about the situation over there at the moment.


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  3. A well written piece. I appreciate your positive words about Turkey, and acknowledgement that there are many voices in the world wishing harm to the country and its people.


  4. This brought tears to my eyes. My family live in Mersin and Ankara and I have a brother in the Navy. I am so saddened by what has happened to this beautiful country xxx


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  6. An interview with former US Ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey, has been published in today’s “Hürriyet”. He has some interesting things to say about the antagonism of Western Europe and the USA towards Turkey. Unfortunately I can’t find a full English translation.



    There are many Turkish journalists that blog/tweet in English. The above by Selim Koru is one of the best descriptions of the coup attempt. You might take a look at his tweets @SelimKoru for much more in English. James Jeffrey’s article is probably in there somewhere. I don’t much follow TV, except for Al Jazeera. Most of TV just doesn’t go into much depth.

    P.S. Loved your description a while back about Tallinn traffic. We here think our drivers are utterly discourteous and out to kill pedestrians. I do love Turkey, and visit about once a year. Fresh food! Polite people! Warm!

    Keep up the good work!


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