Kedi Update No. 2

It has been a while since I have mentioned the stray cats here in the village so I thought today I would give you an update on their welfare.

Last December I had managed to find homes for two of Nanu’s kittens.  Two little girls were lucky to have a home where they will be loved and cherished.  Or so I thought.  While Daughter and I were in Australia the two kittens who were now fully grown cats were abandoned back in our yard.  Not only were they abandoned, they were both pregnant and they were left to try and acclimatise in an environment that was completely foreign to them.  These were two house cats, completely domesticated and they have had a hell of a rough time fitting in with the other Village Kedi’s.  I was livid.  Both of them have now had their babies although only one has survived from each litter.  Meet Sheldon and Penny.  Daughter and I are fast running out of names for all these kediler.  Sheldon’s mum has disappeared but thankfully Penny’s mum took Sheldon as one of her own and fed him.  These are two of the sweetest little kittens that currently live in my yard and are scheduled be taken to the vet next week for their first round of shots.



With The Turk now away Evil has wormed her way into our home.  This is a huge bonus for Evil as up until now she has been very welcome to live in our stairwell but entrance to the “promised land” has been off limits to her at The Turk’s insistence.  She is now spayed and has had her shots as well so welcome Evil, make yourself at home.  And she has.

evil 2

For those of you who have been wondering how the infamous Stanley has been faring (yes yet another story about Stanley) well he has taken up with the Rottweiler next door.  I assume it is because they both have no tail – kindred spirits and all that.  Regardless they love each other and it means that Stanley no longer craps in our stairwell as he can usually be found giving all his affection and time to Hercules.  My Hurley Dog finds Stanley a little overbearing. A little too much love, too much affection.  I love you.  I need you.  I miss you.  I love you.  If Stanley was human he would definitely be one of those stalker types.  He is just so full on with his affection!


I continue to feed all the strays and, if possible, capture them for spaying.  It is a slow process.  Nanu has had another set of kittens (I have lost count as to how many kittens she has had over the years) although I am yet to find where this litter is hiding.  Pretty also had babies but I am certain they have all perished.  If I find no sign of her babies in the next few days I am going to grab Pretty and take her for spaying. She is generally a pretty unhealthy cat and I suspect there will be more to her visit to the vet than just spaying and some shots.

It is a never ending battle with these cats but I cannot abandon them.  It takes only a few lira a day out of my pocket to feed them and, although the spaying or vet bills do build up, I always reimburse the vet for his efforts (although sometimes he may have to wait a week or so for payment).  I cannot imagine how these girls (and Stanley being the only male of the group) would go without The Turk and I helping them.  Sadly I cannot help all the strays in the Village and it is not unusual to find the remains of cats and kittens (and dogs for that matter) on the side of the road.

Just a side note about the stray dog situation here in the Village.  There is usually one or two gangs of köpekler (dogs) that roam the streets here although I wonder if the Council have rounded them up as I have not seen any for a few weeks now.  I hope they have all been re-homed but realistically I suspect that this may not have been their outcome.


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17 thoughts on “Kedi Update No. 2

  1. You are a saint, and these cats are so lucky you came into their lives. I, too, am a cat lover and have done my bit for strays in rural France which fare only slightly better than those in your area. It’s abominable how cruel man can be to animals, especially cats.On http://talesandtravel, see my post “Au Revoir Buddy” — my cat story. I now have three cats — all rescue. Keep up the good work


  2. The kittens are so cute and Evil is that too! And Stanley. Cute and adorable! ❤
    My heart is melting when I read this.
    They are so, so lucky to have a person like you watching after them, care, give them food ++! 😇😊


    • I feel that way about Nanu. She was the cat that began this fiasco, Daughter found her when she was a kitten about 5 years ago and brought her to her grandmother’s house where she has been a fixture ever since. She is forever pregnant but I cannot catch her to get her fixed! The neverending battle.

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  3. Bless you for what you can do for the kitties! I wish there could be a better outcome for the ones you cannot help. But, it takes time to change attitudes and culture. Hopefully you can be a great example and get others to help more.


  4. Hi
    Excellent cool blog; Turkey is on my bucket list. And we love animals also and hope to volunteer in Malaysia helping orangutans. Hope you stop by my blog; I’m new and also trying to establish a great readership


  5. After reading many posts, this being the first animal one, You are my new FAV blog. And for the record. Life in Serbia is so very similar! Probably on account of the Turkish hangover customs and thought.


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