Google Street Maps

Last summer I was driving over the railway tracks when … I spotted … the Google Street Map car!

“Hey,” I shouted to no one in particular as I was in the car by myself, “It’s the Google Street Map car!”  And low and behold … there I am …

railway tracks

Yes peeps Mersin (and Türkiye) has officially been put on the map … the Google Street View map that is.  Many of the main cities of Türkiye have now been updated including Istanbul, Marmaris and Izmir but obviously as I am a blog about Mersin I am telling you that Mersin is live and ready for your stalking pleasure.

Street view on Google Maps is a great feature, especially for checking out places you’ve never been before. Sometimes though, Google inadvertently captures some candid pictures of the spots they’re mapping.

Here is my FIL sitting on the street outside our house.  Excellent!

Dede on the street Google maps

If I zoomed out a bit you would see my underwear on the line but you really don’t need to see that do you?

Pozcu.  Lovely shot actually.

Google street view 5

Leaving Mersin.

Google Street view 4

I’m now going to spend my day looking for the most ridiculous shot that I can find.  You know like a man chasing a donkey that was chasing a dog that was chasing a chicken that was crossing the road or something.  It is Mersin after all.  I’ll get back to you.


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17 thoughts on “Google Street Maps

  1. Our house was on google maps, the only thing was the picture was four years old, and when people were looking for it, they couldn’t find a cottage with a gable roof!
    Doh! The rest of the house was the same!! Our cars were neatly parked in the drive though. Wonder if you’ll get commission for being in the shot? 🙂


  2. The car was behind me in my blue 15 year old Tofaş Kartal coming up the hill from Kaş, unfortunately it didn’t come into my village. Got a new car for Christmas so my fifteen minutes of fame came and went quickly.


  3. I am so pleased that you posted this because I just went to look for the first time in months and Tire and Bayındır (where I lived and went to school in Türkiye) are now on street view too! trip down nostalgia lane (or Bayındır Yolu) for me…haha


  4. You have inspired me to look at ours and…… there is washing on our line. I recognise the towels. The underwear is, doubtless, hiding behind the towels! What is strange though is the lack of kediler and people. My neighbour is usually hanging out of her window, determined not to miss any goings on whatsoever!


    • Actually I was surprised at the lack of kediler at ours as well or My Hurley Dog hanging off the balcony barking at anything that moved.

      I suspect the cats were probably looking at the extremely strange car and thinking … shit dunno what that is but I had better vamoosh just in case


  5. Hi Jane, I’m following, and really looking forward to seeing your future posts and enjoying your lively writing. Best wishes, from Debra from tssreviews on WordPress


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