I (Didn’t) Feel The Earth Move

We have had a few tremors here in Mersin over the past days.  To be completely honest with you I did not feel any of them when they struck despite being at the epicentre of the first quake in Mezitli on Saturday.


One of the many haber sites that subscribe to sent me their news roundup this morning with a few vaguely boring posts which I glanced over but then one post stood out with its heading “City Wiped Off The Map”.

Um excuse me?

It seems that they were not actually talking about Mersin today, they were talking about Mersin or more specifically Soli Pompeipolis which was flattened by earthquake in 527AD.

Soooo not the earthquake that happened on Saturday yeah?

The next post went on to discuss a proposed nuclear power plant and its obvious danger should there be a sizable earthquake.  Now I don’t want to sound like a Negative Nancy but how sensible is it to build a nuclear power plant in a country that has earthquakes, real earthquakes not these little baby things that are currently niggling around.  Did we not learn anything from Japan?  Surely the all mighty dollar (or lira) is not more important that the environmental impact and potential danger to life?

Regardless this is definitely journalistic sensationalism at its very best.  Jeeze you would think it was Fox News or perhaps a Murdoch newspaper the way they were acting!


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6 thoughts on “I (Didn’t) Feel The Earth Move

  1. LOL! I lived near San Francisco when the 1989 earthquake hit. I was cooking fried chicken at the time and began to feel nauseous (like when you drink too much and you’re ready to find a bathroom to empty out your dinner). After it stopped, I realized, “Hey, the walls were moving. That was an earthquake!” My daughter (around 11 at the time) was walking home from a friends house and told me that someone ran out of their home to ask, “Are you all right little girl?” She didn’t know why they were concerned. She didn’t even know there was an earthquake. 🙂


    • I was at Starbucks with Daughter when it hit. I said to Daughter, “I feel a little woozy”. I went and sat down and she went to buy Hot Chocolate.

      Later (read that as after the hot chocolate) I felt ok. I said to her last night it was probably the earthquake that made me feel unwell. Her reply, “no you just needed a sugar hit”. My daughter knows me too well – but now you say that maybe it really was the earthquake.


      • It surprised the heck out of me, too, when it happened. I think it’s all those movies where the ground is ripping apart that’s so misleading.

        If you were feeling woozy around the same time as the earthquake was reported, there’s no doubt in my mind of the cause.


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