I am Ankara

On Sunday night a car bomb exploded in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, killing 32 people and injuring more than 100.

Ankara 1

In February a car bomb exploded in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, killing 28 and injuring more than 61.

Sound familiar?  Let’s keep going.

January 2016 – Istanbul 12 killed and 14 injured.

October 2015 – again in Ankara 102 killed and over 500 injured.

July 2015 – Suruç with 22 killed and 104 injured.

Enough yet?  Are you surprised by the numbers?

Maybe we should put a few faces to those that have lost their lives.

On the right is Deniz.  Deniz lost his life in the bombing in Ankara last October.  On the left is Ozancan who lost his life in the bombing on Sunday night.  Did they deserve to die at the hands of terrorists?

Ankara bombing

This is Elif.  She was 19 years old and going to University.  Why must her family suffer for the belief of another?

Ankara bombing 2

This is Mehmet Emre.  He was 16 when he died on Sunday night.  Why must his family shed tears for their son who was merely waiting for a bus?

Ankara bombing 3

Sunday night’s attack was on a busy street, at a metro hub filled with people young and old enjoying the springtime evening weather.

I will not point fingers or give opinions on what is right and what is wrong with the world.  I will say merely this – no political, cultural, or religious belief is worth the lives of these kids.  Kids with dreams.  Lives with real meaning to those around them.  Families shattered.  Devastation.


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6 thoughts on “I am Ankara

  1. I feel so sorry for Ankara. Unlike the other big cities in Europe, this city seems forgotten for what happened in the last five months. My deep condolence for the victims 😳😳😳


  2. . . and so many others, the majority in fact, who are the victims, not of ‘listed’ terrorist organisations, but of governments intent on pursuing their ‘national interests’!


    • People need to see the faces. Its easy to switch off when you see yet another terrorist attack somewhere else in the world but when you see the face of two smiling young men who were senselessly killed in two separate attacks you start to pay attention

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  3. Unfortunately this is now our reality here, the lives of innocent people do not matter when these people are in pursuit of their own goal. Where are the public outcries of emotions across the world, where is the solidarity and support for the loss of life here as was in France…are we really that worthless! But it doesn’t stop us, for those of us that have experienced terrorism in its many forms we will pick ourselves up with each new day, take a deep breath in, stand tall and pray for a good day, we teach our children respect and compassion in the hope that they live to bring about a peace in the world that we are unable to.

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