I Want You

Today is a day for you guys to help me. I need your thoughts, your advice and yes, even your criticism.

My book is now completing yet another edit. I have had a few beta-readers and close friends read it and they have given me generally positive feedback. They loved my quirky leading lady (are leading ladies always quirky?), adored my Turkish hottie, and were left wanting more (always a good sign). I intend to upload to Amazon shortly (but think of shortly as a fluid term as it’s taken me forever to get here).

So, first things first.

Book cover


Here is the proposed cover of my very first (still not quite ready) novel, Salep and Ginger. Does my cover grab your attention? Would you buy my book based on the cover? What changes would you make? I personally don’t love the font and wonder if perhaps the cover is a little dark. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Book synopsis

This has been fudged together and will clearly need an overhaul but again to any of you who love a sexy, romance give me your feedback. Would you download this novel based on this synopsis or would you need a little more? What would you change?

“Ginger Knox thought she was living her best rom-com life. She had the job, the apartment in Notting Hill (adjacent), and an honest to God Hemsworth clone for a fiancé, but when she arrived home one surprisingly sunny February day to catch her fiancé with his pristine white boxers around his ankles and his personal assistant in their bed, the tenuous facade of her life dissolved in a split second.

Suddenly single, Ginger resolved to finally become the leading lady in her own love life. And that’s just what she planned to do, until her plans were once again thrown into disarray when her flight home for Christmas was grounded in Istanbul and she finds herself stranded with the man of her dreams. Of course, it’s the same man she had recently had a near one-night stand with – and who knew he was one of the most famous men in Turkey!

Between Sydney, London and Istanbul, Ginger was resigned to the fact that she may never get her Happily Ever After, but what about her Happily Right Now?”

Getting Jiggy With It

It’s time for the big question:

How much sex is too much sex? I mean is there are point that it just becomes x-rated and unreadable? I myself still remember the first time I read a book that was borderline pornographic and I was completely gob-smacked… but I kept right on reading it (and lurved it). Would you prefer the idea of romance or do you want to see Ginger and Aydin get down and dirty? And before you guys ask no I haven’t ever read the Grey books so I don’t really have a comparable in my head.

My beta-readers were of widely differing age groups and so my romps in the bedroom proved a little shocking to some. One beta-reader refused to finish it and although I can’t find her actual feed-back she did tell me that I would find myself in purgatory very, very soon. Thankfully most of the others have been a little more positive:

“Feeling a little heart palpitation myself.  Good writing!”

“Gotta say, my lady bits are a bit ready just like Ginny’s!  Time to stop editing and go find my hubby for a little snogging of our own!  This is the BEST reaction a reader can have – wanting more – and the characters aren’t even having intercourse yet!”

Here is a little snippet. I’ve chosen this one as its as close to PG-13 as I could find. Believe me when I say it does get much, much racier.

Was this really going to happen? In an alleyway? Like horny teenagers?

A moment later we were kissing again, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, the desire for more, overpowering my senses. I slid my hand across the front of Aydin’s jeans and felt his hardness react to my touch as he growled in frustration. My jacket was on the ground in seconds. He turned me around, and I felt him unzip my dress and slip it down my shoulders to my hips. I turned back to face him, and he caught his breath as he gazed at me standing there in my safe, pink, boring Primark bra. I swore at that moment I would never leave the house again unless I was attired in perfectly sexy underwear.

He plunged his hand down my bra to release my breasts. I moaned as he brushed his fingers against my taut nipple and I watched in awe as he bent his head and slowly took it into his mouth. My muscles tightened, and desire rushed through me, as his tongue flicked over my rosy bud, biting and tugging it gently. I squirmed against the dampness between my legs as Aydin alternated between my breasts, sucking and tonguing, biting each nipple softly or rolling them between his perfect fingers.

Yep, it appeared that we were really going to do this.

Hit me with your feedback. Hit me with your criticism. Hit me with any positive points.

Just hit me!

Oh and if there are any publisher’s out there who want to take a chance on little ol’ me also feel free to hit me up – BIG TIME!


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Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom

These days you will find me on my terrace soaking in the last rays of sunshine before the grey of Mersin’s winter takes over.  I will no doubt have a cup of çay (sorry guys it’s not particularly Türk – white with two sugar) and, depending on the time of day, perhaps a biscuit (or two) to tide me over until akşam yemeği (dinner).  Basking in the sunshine is also the perfect time for me to catch up on my reading.


As a blogger I am always on the hunt for fellow bloggers and writers that live in Türkiye, telling their own anecdotes of life, love and the numerous catastrophes that befall them living in this crazy country.  One of my favourite’s is fellow Aussie, Lisa Morrow, with her blog insideoutinIstanbul.  Her blog is filled with tales and photographs of her life living in one of the most incredible cities on earth – İstanbul – so when I received a copy of her most recent book, Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom, I knew that I needed to find a comfy spot in the sun where I would no doubt be entrenched until I had finished the very last line.

Lisa’s descriptive style captures the sights, sounds and even the smells (remind me to never catch the no. 2 bus with her) of modern day İstanbul, giving me, the reader, not only a personal tour of her favourite haunts but drawing me in with little known stories of what is, without doubt, one of the most amazing cities in the world.  Her anecdotes of language barriers and Government bureaucracy or even her partner’s difficulties with something as simple as his name (Who?) was something that any expat living in İstanbul (or any other city for that matter) will recognise.

To quote the wonderful Molly Meldrum (I am now picturing anyone who is not Australian googling “Molly Meldrum” right now), “Do yourselves a favour”.  With the Christmas season fast approaching this will make an excellent stocking stuffer, in fact, I can think of one particular friend back in Sydney will be receiving it in the mail very soon.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for good Türk inspired reading?  With winter fast approaching it is time for me to hibernate until spring so any suggestions to help pass the time while in my self imposed exile will be greatly appreciated.


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