Village Video

I found this video today on youtube while cruising the web.  Only a couple of minutes long and gives you an idea of the Village which, of course, is our new home.  The teacher at the end of the film is Daughter’s beautiful Turkish teacher Ipek.

And yes my neighbours do still make the bread like that and yes we still buy our domates from the vendor selling his wares from his horse and cart.

Let me know your thoughts.



3 thoughts on “Village Video

  1. I watched this as a band of heavy traffic passed by our front garden. There are no shops in our village, and today you can smell the country air as the farmers have just mucked their fields both behind and in front of us. I loved the sunset….the sun rises at the back of our house and sets at the front. The clear night skies are like a black velvet cloak dotted with diamonds, and a full moon acts as the biggest silver beacon lighting the lane on our evening walks. If we lived in a town, we’d miss all this. Fascinating the differences in way of life though isn’t it.


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