Spit or Swallow?

I have a friend named Millie who, along with her family, is lucky enough to be spending a year in Italy.  We are similar people Millie and I, in similar situations and, those who look at her blog, will see we too have similar styles (hello Confit theme).

I originally met Millie at a health centre in North Sydney.  We both took a Cardiolates class together which for me, as someone who hated exercising, I actually loved.  How could it be exercise when you were on a trampoline bouncing around to music?   Our kids also went to the same school so it was no surprise that we finally crossed paths.

Millie recently wrote a piece here about the darker side of Italy and it brought a big grin to my face when reading it. 

In short Millie has taken good issue with the fact that she is in the beautiful Tuscany countryside but spends most of her life with her head down dodging poop (canine) or vomit (human) on the streets.  Like I said I laughed out loud when I read this because in Turkey the pooping and spitting is rife (I have not yet spotted vomit thankfully). 


The dog poop does my head in.  When I left Australia I brought 10 packets of doggy poop bags with me (I am ready for approximately 1000 poops by My Hurley Dog when on our frequent walks) however I find myself picking up not just my dog’s poop but the poop from strays as well as other dogs whose owners just ignore the fact that their dog is dropping their bundle out the front of my home.  It seems that the local strays have turned the little track that leads of our house into their toilet and every morning there is new and sometimes explosive doggy poop to wash away.  Daughter (who is reading over my shoulder) just pointed out to me that there is horse poop also on the track.  Horse poop is fine.  It is fertilizer.  It doesn’t even smell that bad and it is from a working horse not a stray dog.

Then there is the spitting.  I know it is a common practice in Asia and the Middle East and the Turks are well versed with the ideology of hocking up your lurgy and spitting it to the ground.  I accept that to them it is more appropriate to do this than to use a tissue (although I am at a loss as to why this is more appropriate) and I completely understand that some people have health issues and need to clear their passages but come on!  I really have no interest in watching a middle aged, portly Turkish man (or woman!) launch a grenade-like  green substance onto the street.  Even worse is when I watch a young man or a child spit as they pass.  I want to yell at them, “Don’t do it.  You are never going to get a girlfriend” but all these boys grow into men and, of course, the circle of spit continues.


As I am typing this paragraph alone I can hear the builder’s next door working and I think I have heard at least 3 flying lurgies with such ferocity that they shook my windows.  Nice!  Daughter has just piped up with “Better out than in.”  I am thinking about sending her from the room.

I recall reading an article last year about a Professor travelling through Asia to study the cultural differences of spitting.  Well!  Imagine putting that on your resume. 

“Good day and nice to meet you.  I am Professor Blah Blah and this class is Spitting 101.”

He sounds hot doesn’t he?

I am sorry to anyone who is offended by my giggle.  I mean no personal offence.  I understand it is cultural and a health issue at times, but please, I find myself dodging spit bombs as I walk down the street and wonder if I should be wearing a raincoat for protection.  Daughter final input to today’s blog is the suggestion that gumboots would be necessary for protection and, of course, and to match the raincoat.  Because style is important!

I will finish this by asking the question – Is Justin Bieber Turkish?  Biber?  Turkish word.  Spitting?  Hmmm.

7 thoughts on “Spit or Swallow?

  1. We have the doggy poop issue on our walks in the woods. So many people let their dogs fouls the pathways, and it becomes a bit of an obstacle course, not to mention annoying as we recognise ‘the poop’ from particular animals (I am an expert in identifying our mutt’s from theirs). Our pockets have biscuits in one and poo bags in the other, but I buy a roll of 500 ‘sandwich’ bags for £1, as they serve the purpose just as well. Lately, no matter how hard we try though, we always manage to collect an unwanted souvenir on our boots.
    A few years ago I was asked by a group of students about how the local council could improve things at a variety of popular beauty spots. I said to ensure there were plenty of doggy bins, as I was convinced that if people had places to dispose of it, more would clear up after their pets (carrying a bag of dog poop for an hour is not very appealing). I was pleasantly surprised to see 4 said bins appear in the place where we had been ‘surveyed’. Wish they had them in the woods. Some people are halfway there though. We see a fair few neatly knotted doggy bags lining the route (sigh).
    As for JB? Little S***. (sorry to all his fans)


  2. Luckily in Batman we don’t have so much of the poop… but the spitting yes! The spitting doesn’t bother me that much its the sound that just has to come with it – now that makes me want to vomit! It sounds like they are hacking up their insides!!


  3. Hey thanks for your lovely words Jane. I swear the hocking up a lurgie is bloody awful, I can’t stand the sound and then to see it sitting in the middle of the walkway…I do remember that about my trip to Turkey many moons ago. No wonder we are all driven to drink! Lol


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