Vegetable Patch

Wow!  Spring has definitely started to show itself around these parts.  Aside from the sensational weather my vegetable patch has finally begun to reap reward. 


While nosing around my little bache (farm) today with The Turk I found my broccoli sprouting along with cauliflower and lettuce.  I was so excited as honestly I have never grown anything before so I was pretty keen today to start bringing in my haul but The Turk wisely pointed out they are mere babies and with patience they will be much bigger in a week or so. Patience (which I have little of) is the key when you want to harvest your crop (imagine me using the word ‘harvest’). I think the best part of this story is that everything grown is organic.  No pesticides.  No chemicals.  Does that make it organic?  I am not sure but I will say that they have got to be better for you than what I would normally buy from the supermarket in Sydney.


My nectarine tree has flowered and hopefully will start to bare fruit.  I am currently looking into a pesticide for my fruit trees because they definitely had some nasty looking insects buzzing around them the other day and I do not want to be stung by one of those buggers.  My neighbour suggested a spray of hot pepper and detergent (well that was as close as I could translate anyway) as a deterrent to the stingers.  I going to need to investigate this a little more before I start mushing up chilli. 


Oh and finally our chilli plants are already flowering.  The Turk has been “sexing them up” so they start baring chilli.  So excited.


12 thoughts on “Vegetable Patch

  1. So so different on this side… no winter crops have grown. Too hot for to long, no cold weather, and persistent rain. Lettuce are good though 🙂


  2. Couldn’t agree more with the taste! We’ve grown our own for the past 6 years, (potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green beans, peas, leeks, and have plum, apple and elderberry trees plus a rhubarb root!) and don’t use pesticides either.
    It’s so exciting seeing the first shoots though isn’t it? Enjoy.


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