Thunder Struck

A clap of thunder just tore through my quiet this morning followed by the irregular, staccato beat of a dozen heavy raindrops clattering on my rooftop.  Moments later the clouds unleashed an assault of such ferocity that I ran to the balcony to witness what I thought would surely be the end of the world as we know it.  Excessive rain.  Major thunderstorm. 


It’s raining.  It’s pouring.  It’s still warm though.  I sat on my comfy day bed on my beautiful (and 10 weeks later finally completed) balcony and watch the storm pounding the village around me.  I am glad to see the rain too but my reason is a little more selfish.  I love the sound of rain.  I love the smell of rain as it clears away the dust.  I particularly love the smell of rain here as it lands on the mint crop across from my house.  The scent of mint wafts up to the balcony and makes everything smell of toothpaste minty freshness.

I sit with my cup of tea and my Hurley Dog sleeping next to me and enjoy the sounds and smell.  My Hurley Dog is dreaming I think because he growled in his sleep.  Maybe he is having a nightmare about the rain.  My love is his hate because when it rains it gets muddy – really, really muddy – and this means baths, lots of baths.

4 thoughts on “Thunder Struck

  1. There is something cleansing about the rain, especially after a storm.
    We’d had a particularly long dry spell, the air was oppressive, and so stuffy, you could hardly breathe. The farmers fields were dusty, and that didn’t help. The clouds on the horizon were dark purple, and sure enough, within an hour we had one of the most ferocious thunderstorms I’ve ever experienced. We were out walking the dog when it broke and got absolutely soaked, but we danced in it (she was not impressed). Flash floods occurred within twenty minutes though, and the rain wasn’t quite so welcome anymore. We were OK, but discovered that our soak-aways weren’t and didn’t.


  2. I’m with Hurley these days…too much bloody mud!
    We have just had 4 days of beautiful days and I hear we are in for some rain now…maybe it is your storm cloud coming over?
    Mud, glorious mud 🙂


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