If I Could Turn Back Time

The Powers That Be here in Turkiye took it upon themselves to ignore the way the rest of the world operate and have done away with turning back the clock announcing an end to daylight savings.  This means that we are forever on summer holidays which is nice I guess but for today, and perhaps for a few of us dopier peeps, it also means total chaos as we try and decipher what time it really is.


Right now in our house every single clock says its 6:16am … except that it is actually 7:16am.  The reason I know it is 7:16am is that my FIL has already started screaming for his breakfast and, despite the fact that every single clock in our house says its 6:16am and we all should be slumbering it is daylight outside (albeit a little overcast which will no doubt burn off into another stinking hot day).

For sure this bureaucratical bundle of bok will cause chaos over the next 24 hours (or 23 depending on which clock you are looking at).

Turkiye is now at Greenwich Mean Time plus 3 hours.  So for those of you in the UK you are now of course 3 hours behind, for those of you in Down Under you are 8 hours behind and for those of you in the US you are … fecked … and I’m not just talking about your presidential candidates.

And why did they do this you ask?  Officially it is to save on electricity (truely this is the official word).  Unofficially I wonder if this is a religious decision to bring Turkiye in line with Saudi Arabia and Mecca for prayer and Ramadan timing.

Just to prove that this is a real kerfuffle think of Cyprus.  Northern Cyprus is 1 hour ahead of Southern Cyprus.  What about Nicosia?  It’s a half / half city!  And what if you live in Northern Cyprus and work in Southern Cyprus.  Or go to school in Southern Cyprus?  Can anyone say cock-up???

Regardless whatever time you think it is check with someone who does not spend their life attached to a phone or a computer because I reckon they are the only folk who actually know what the feck is going on around here!

Update!  Daughter’s new Iphone 7 did NOT change time.  She has just dragged herself out of bed wondering what all the fuss is about.  “You people are all technologically stupid”!  Direct quote.


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11 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back Time

  1. A really strange decision this while your offices are open for business at 9am we are still in our beds when you finish at 17pm we are still in our offices that’s a lot of business that cannot be done.
    I myself work in the ship repair business which leaves us with around 5 hours to to order things that means the Turkish economy is losing millions because of this ruling


  2. I’d go with the prayer thing rather than saving money. They said that over here and it was a myth. Living on a boat time doesn’t matter. When we lived in a house, putting the clocks on or back an hour confused the hell out of the dog and she didn’t adjust for well over a month. Now she doesn’t bother…… wake up………. time for a wee, breakfast, whinge, wee, walk, car ride, dinner, wee, snooze, whinge, wee, teatime, snooze, wee, bedtime. What a day! I’m tired just writing abut it!


  3. I spend most of my life wondering what feckin day it is, now I’m totally confused! Mind you its nice to just have internet these days and phones and tablets that can connect to the internet to confuse me with their times!


  4. It suits me as I’m not an early riser and I keep my hour of extra light in the evening. Interestingly my iphone attached to a UK line went back but the one attached to a Turkish account stayed correct. Turk Telekom obviously had a plan for once.


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