Lots of Love

Yesterday morning I woke to the most fantastic news.  My amazing friend Mich and her partner P ran away together and got married.  Congratulations to my beautiful friend.  It was at this moment I realised just how far away I am from her.  I cannot give her a hug and a kiss.  I cannot raise my glass to her and her new husband.  I cannot blubber like a baby (I always blubber like a baby at weddings).  I miss her very much.


I have known Mich for well over a quarter of a century but this does not make me feel old.  This means that I have laughed with her, loved with her, fought with her, lived with her and travelled with her for over half of my life.  Today I miss her more than ever.

All of my friends are a long way from here.  They are all busy with their lives, family, job, commitments.  I know how lucky I am to have this experience but how I want to be in Sydney right now.  I write this blog, mostly for me but also for my friends and family who are so far away but are still with me in my heart.  It is difficult today being here.

To Mich and P, you were meant to be.  A lifetime of happiness together.

(And yes I am blubbering right now).

4 thoughts on “Lots of Love

  1. Congratulations to your friend. I love it when a couple do what THEY want, rather than go through the rigmarole of what’s ‘expected’ and the ‘traditional’ wedding. Budgets get thrown out of the window, nerves are stretched beyond endurance, and it’s a miracle some couples ever reach the aisle as they try to keep everyone happy. Yep. It’s their Special Day. May it be the first of many.


  2. A touching post, both about your friend (congratulations!) and about the longing we feel for our home when we’re so far away from it and still adjusting to calling our new country “home”!


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