“Every Turk is born a soldier”

This is a well known saying in Turkey however every asker (soldier) needs a little training and it is compulsory for every Turkish male between the ages of 20 and 41 to undergo military service in order to protect their homeland if deemed necessary.Image

The Turk’s nephew left for his training last November and yesterday returned home after completing his service to much fanfare and excitement.  For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while would be well aware of the family feud between Vito’s wife and the rest of the family resulting in no one from the family being invited to the nephew’s farewell shindig last year.

I debated with myself whether I should go and enjoy the frivolities or whether I should stay hidden behind my blinds and extend the feud to a new family line.  In the end I realised that ultimately I would only be doing myself an injustice festering alone in my living room as I am quite sure no one else would really care if I attended or not – plus I felt like going to a party.


It does not matter where you are in the village when one returns from asker because you can hear the horns and the drumming heralding his return at least 5 minutes before the glorious arrival.

As soon as he sets foot on the ground the dancing begins immediately.  I find it quite strange that people just get crazy in the street but that is exactly what you do, young or old, throw out your arms and go for it in wild abandon.


The beating of the drum and the dancing went on for some time until it stopped for the next part of the party.  The sacrifice.

I chose to take Daughter and her young cousins upstairs at this point as I just cannot fecking believe how many fecking sheep have been killed since I arrived.  I get that it’s a religious thing but for feck’s sake – enough!


I think making the effort to attend yesterday was the right choice as last night, yet again, the shit hit the fan with The Turk losing it at the other two sisters in law that did not attend.  I wasn’t there, thankfully, as I was still at the party however when I tried to make The Turk understand their feelings, particularly taking into consideration the recent death of his mother, he put their behaviour down to being a “female thing”.  Internally I exploded at this point but again being the good Turkish housewife I chose to keep my mouth shut.



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13 thoughts on “Asker

  1. I have sooo many mixed feelings about military service… I think the crazy partying that accompanies the departure and return is compensation for the thoroughly sh*t time most people seem to have during their service. And the glorification of the military in general sticks in my throat. But then I will never have to do military service, so who am I to comment?

    Hope all’s good, animal sacrifices aside x


    • Poor thing, everyone’s standing around gawking as its life’s blood runs from its body. Can you imagine what its last thoughts were.

      Traumatizes me every single time (and yes I do eat meat).


  2. It sounds like is no stop ‘fun’ 🙂 good on you for going…an excellent Turkish housewife your Turing into, ha haa. Hey, my Turkish friend that is here in Italy was telling Mersin is the food capital of Turkey? Amazing food that is well known throughout Turkey…you’ve been holding out on me!


  3. I like how you write. I could totally feel that I was there with you. I love that you used another term for the f word, my computer keeps autocorrecting when I try. Great style and great writing. I will be following.


  4. I have travelled to many places in the world during my 11 years military service. Turkey wasn’t one of them. (and the service was sooo long ago!) I am interested and plan on going to the beginning to find out how you became a Turkish housewife….
    Sherry in the USA


  5. My husband and I did a combined 40 years of military service. It seems like it was that long for me. There were benefits to going into the military and to staying to retirement, but both of us do not every want to glorify the military. It serves a purpose. But, the American military and sense of service is nothing compared to that of other countries such as Turkey. I personally could not compare them. Glad your nephew is home.


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