Double Barrel Post

I woke quite early on Saturday morning – my nemesis has been cock-a-doo-a-doo-ing really, really early (yes my nemesis is my neighbour’s rooster).  I hate him.


You might recall this post when My Hurley Dog took out one of his women, well I am quite sure that he holds me personally responsible for her assassination and he is now waking up even earlier to cock-a-doo-a-doo outside my window.  I hate him.

The only thing he is good for is a roast, or maybe fry up some pieces a-la KFC.  I hate him and I hate his women (of which there are many).

They cluck.  All day.  Cluck, cluck, cluck.  Clucking and cock-a-doo-a-doo-ing.  I hate them all.

A list of reasons to hate chickens:

They are dumb.  They eat everything including their own poop.  They are dumb.  They are ugly.  They smell bad.  They cannot even fly.  They are useless.  But they are pretty tasty.

I have suggested to My Hurley Dog that if the rooster gets into the garden he is to go for the jugular.  He doesn’t understand me but I know he will do it regardless.  He is like The Terminator without the accent.

The other part of my morning was taken up my My Kedi Cat’s bestie.  We have called him Evil (although by the end of this story you will know that ‘he’ is actually a ‘she’).  Evil was a wild little kitten when we first arrived 9 months ago.  He wouldn’t let you near him but through perseverance and a lot of luck I converted Evil into ‘my’ stray.  I always kept an eye out for him and he would always come running to me if he saw me in the street (actually all the Village Kedi’s do that. I am the Village Cat Lady) and, of course, he is my cat’s BFF.

Last Tuesday Evil was asleep in My Hurley Dog’s bed.  He seemed really dopey and quite sick.  I called him to the door to give him a little food and when he stood up there was blood running down his hind legs.  Worse still there was mucus (dare I call it a plug) on the bed.  Ewww.  I did not know what had happened but when I tried to examine him he ran off.  At this point I realised that Evil was in fact a ‘she’ and I expect that she was either in labour or had had a miscarriage.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and I poked my head out the window and saw Evil asleep in My Hurley Dog’s bed again with My Kedi Cat watching her intently.  She was a mess, the bed was a mess too but in the corner of the bed was a teeny, tiny little kitten.  Really tiny.  See, Evil did not look pregnant, even before the bloody incident of last Tuesday she did not look pregnant so to find this teeny, tiny kitten in the bed was quite a shock, particularly as this would indicate that she had been labour for 4 days.  This little guy or girl was quite a fighter though to have survived thus far.


My Hurley Dog was a little put out by Evil dropping her bub in his bed so I transferred her and bub downstairs with a clean towel and box.  She’s turned out to be a good little mother too, very protective.

Finally and just because, here are some more photos of Nanu’s babies.  They are a bundle of crazy.



Kittens make me happy.


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13 thoughts on “Double Barrel Post

  1. Ah, sweet. Hope the little one thrives.
    As for chickens and rooster. Yep, lovely with roast spuds and all the trimmings.
    Our neighbour got a rooster (or rather saved one from slaughter) and the damn thing was cock a doodling all day. She never told anyone it was hers until we asked and then said ‘What do you expect? You live in the country’. This put my back up 50 feet and was getting to the stage when we were considering putting in a formal complaint, regardless of the fact that we were trying to sell our house.
    As things turned out we didn’t have to.
    No, one of her 8 cats didn’t kill it, neither did my Hubby shoot it.
    She got so fed up with it keeping her awake in the early hours, she got rid of it.
    I would have offered it a good home, complete with 360 degree heating and a sage and onion quilt!


    • LOL. I am hopeful that the owner too gets fed up with my nemesis. Last night he started at 4. The Turk is convinced its because he is down one missus and now he has some spare time in the morning.


    • We’ve now got 8 fully grown, 5 bubs that are about 6-7 weeks and Evil’s little bubby. God knows how many trips to the vet we are going to have over the coming months (and that just the strays, imagine if something happened to My Kedi Cat).


  2. We have 9 roosters, so quite used to all the noise. And yes, not the brightest bunch on earth, but I’ll tell you what, they keep the mice and scorpion population well under control – the primary reason we have them roaming free… Even the big black scorpions rarely show themselves around here, as they regularly get scoffed within a few seconds 🙂

    Interestingly too, they don’y just crow at 06:00 hours (like on the movies), they do the honours every 2 hours, all day, all night, without fail (unless a fox is prowling, then they hold off for a while, but then the farm dog is going nuts instead 🙂


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