Yesterday I was sitting at home watching Deniz Yildisi, a Turkish soap opera which is seriously the craziest soapy I have ever seen.  Melodramatic chaos.  Seriously this show (like most Turkish soapies) has it all.  Cheating spouses.  Murder.  Bedlam.  Chaos.  It doesn’t have a psychotic doll that has come to life (ie Timmy from Passions – anybody remember that show?) but, honestly, Deniz Yildisi is some sensational, not to be missed, viewing!

kemal fish

Anyway the telephone rings.  It is The Turk – “Darling.  I am in hospital.”


It seems that The Turk who is currently Down Under has had a little, tiny heart incident.  He thinks it might have been a heart attack.  Feck!  Now I know that I joke about The Turk and half the time I want to literally kill him but I don’t really want to see him dead.  Not at all (well maybe a little bit).  I begin to sweat.  What do I do?

I hung up on The Turk and then rang the hospital and finally was put through to his doctor who was extremely helpful.  She told me that he had had chest pains.  Now The Turk being The Turk usually ignores any type of ailment from tooth aches (ignored until it becomes an abscess which has to be dealt with on Christmas Day!) to back aches (I can still work with a slipped disc can’t I?) and no doubt he ignored the chest pain as well.  I am thankful that his friend had the sense to get him to the hospital as I am quite certain that The Turk would have ignored the pain if he was here in Mersin.  He probably would have shrugged it off and lit a cigarette instead.  The doctor then tells me that after a plethora of tests they diagnosed a chronic stable angina and will insert a stent in his heart as he has a blockage.  Ah.  My.  God!

Poor little thing.  Meek as a kitten, wanting to come home.  So the stent is being inserted today (apparently a very simple procedure) and he will have to wait 4 weeks to see the cardiologist but then he can get his ass back to Mersin.

I think I can safely say that once back in the fold of his family The Turk will never leave home again!

16 thoughts on “Angina

  1. Oh so frightening to be so far away, but yes — stents are routine now. My Mom had several inserted in the early 90’s and she was in hospital for days. My husband had a procedure to see what was going on with his heart a couple years ago, was told during the procedure he’d need a couple stents, he dreaded having to come home and wait for that operation … but they did it then and there in about 15 minutes. I know it will be the same for your Turk.

    And then, when he gets home, as Christine says, you can give him a swift kick. After you hug him hello, of course.

    Stay strong!


  2. hope he ok jane, a girl i know has stents she had 3 heart attacks in a row never drank smoked been over weight, allways fit. any how the stents done her fine, she does get breathless, and got to take it easier (she has horses) but they do save your life those stents. good luck and send him mine and phils(my son) best wishes for he is a very nice kind person…x


  3. Geçmiş olsun

    As others have said, stents are very routine these days and very effective. I worked for a cardiologist when I was a medical secretary and it really is a very safe procedure. Nonetheless, it is always a worry, especially when someone is on the other side of the world.


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