Kedi Update No. 3

Well, it’s official.  I have morphed into a Turkish Cat Lady (as opposed to Crazy Cat Lady).  I am thinking of getting myself some of those baggy village pants (which would be incredibly comfy I don’t doubt) and, if you are looking for me, I will be found walking around The Village being followed by stray cats (a la The Pied Piper) hoping that they will be brought into the inner sanctum.

The Turk and I still feed as many strays as we can but winter was harsh here in Mersin and we lost a few of our regulars (sadly that included Stanley) but now that spring has sprung we are overwhelmed with kittens and, honestly, I am not sure how we are going to continue to feed them all. DSC02147

Right now, in total, we have 19 kittens!  Yes that’s right.  A ridiculous number I know.  Most of them are terrified of us humans and won’t come near us but Mama being so domesticated all her kittens come running when we come downstairs each morning.

My Hurley Dog aka The Terminator is fascinated with the kittens but due to his desire to kill and maim we have to keep a close eye on his shenanigans because although I forgave him for killing the chicken I’m pretty sure I won’t forgive him for murdering a kitten.  The dog spends his day in the garden stalking the kittens and taking the occasional nip while the kittens spend their day hunting the dog and then running back to the undergrowth if he starts to chase them.  It works out well for all of them.

In the interim, the vet came the other night to check everyone out – well as many as he could catch anyway.  A few of the kittens appear to have fluey symptoms however they are still too young for medicine so we have to wait and hope that they pull through.  The vet has diarised coming to collect Mama for her to be de-sexed as well however the other cats all ran when they saw him so I think it might be up to The Turk to capture and deliver the last few mothers to him over the course of the next 5 weeks. Our hope is that we find homes for as many of the kittens as we can and, with the remaining mother’s de-sexed, we might be able to control the population (at least for now anyway).


And for those of you wondering My Stairwell Cat, Evil, has now fully infiltrated our home.  If she is stealthy enough she might get to stay the night but generally, she arrives each morning and waits patiently at our front door.  She will then spend her day sitting on the terrace in the sunshine or on the couch where, as you can see, she makes herself very comfortable indeed.  After an evening meal, Evil will disappear into the night with My Kedi Cat for their nightly entertainment.  Seriously I have to wonder what these two get up to because they come home covered in dirt, cobwebs, caked in mud and, on occasion, a gluey substance that I have had to cut out of My Kedi Cat’s luscious long hair.

My life *sigh*

And just because kittens are so cute one more photo:



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18 thoughts on “Kedi Update No. 3

    • I knew you would be sad about Stanley. I was devastated. It was such a shock but he must have used up all his “dokuz” lives.

      Yep we pay for everything but I can’t let these little ones suffer. Its too sad.


      • The Turk disappears each day down to the market and negotiates for fresh chicken or fish. We can feed our whole brood with our “Kedi Mix” or biscuits, fresh meat, and broth at a reasonable price but the vet bills do my head in at times. The other night was about 300TL for all the shots, medicine and his coming to us – and honestly he was pretty much doing at cost. No profit for him but a glass of wine and some meze on our terrace.

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      • We get charged £28 per visit, plus medication, plus taxes, unless it’s just an annual booster in which case it’s medication only. Neutering is into hundreds and operations can be thousands.


  1. I loved this post. Best of luck finding homes for the kittens. They are so adorable. Evil – what a hilarious name for an animal. You have quite the active life. Cheryl


  2. When I married hubby #5, he came with 40+ cats. We’d go for a walk and the cats would walk in back of us. It was quite a sight (luckily, we live in the country). It took 19 years, a renter in a nearby house (with a cat allergy who had animal control trapping our cats) and a lot of vet bills to finally get what was left neutered/spayed. If you have a vet that will work with you, there are ways to get what you need for deworming, etc. at a reasonable rate for the brood, but it takes measuring, patience, and a small bit of work. 🙂


      • I wish you luck in finding them good homes. I’ve found that people are more likely to advise you on how to raise them than to take one. 🙂

        All but 1 of the crew of 40+ is now in kitty heaven. My boys (featured on my blog) are 2 coon cats who were abandoned in the woods as kittens. Of course, the boys run the place.


  3. I love that pic of Evil chillaxing on the sofa! Looking after so many cats and kittens sounds like a big challenge, I wish you luck in finding the kittens homes and getting the mothers neutered.


  4. I’m quite envious. He-Who-Is-Occasionally-Obeyed has decreed that two dogs and two cats is enough, which is probably just as well as daughter and I would adopt any small furry four-legged creature that looked even vaguely in need of a home (including next-door’s goats).
    I do, however, already have several pairs of comfy, colourful baggy village pants and can thoroughly recommend them!


  5. Bless you! I am a cat lover, have three, and feed many strays. You are so, so good to take on all these kittens and the neutering. That’s the secret. I wish you luck. Keep us posted.


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