Headlines and News Bulletins

They can make a strong impression on us as tourists but where is the line between scaremongering and truth?

I try to keep away from the political side of things with my little blog because I am really not knowledgeable enough on any subject to give anything but a nonsense reply however I have received so many emails from you guys asking for advice about travelling to Türkiye, and in particular, to Mersin.


While it is not for me to give you advice what I will say to those who are thinking of cancelling their holidays to Antalya or Bodrum is this – the distances between these areas and the Syrian border is massive – like the distance between London to Germany.  That’s a couple of countries and even a little water in distance isn’t it?  Over 1000 kilometres or 20+ hours of driving in Türkiye.    To those of you visiting Mersin and its surrounds we are still 150 kilometres from the border with Syria however most of the issues with terrorists are happening in the far east, some 500+ kilometres from here.  If you are, however, travelling to Eastern Türkiye I would suggest that you check with your country’s Consulate before making any travel plans but remember people a terrorist attack can happen anywhere at any time.  America, the UK, Tunisia, India and even Australia.  Nowhere is really safe anymore in the world.  I guess the question you ask yourself is this –  “are you going to let them control your decision, your lives?”  Noone can decide that but you.

What is going on exactly?

The past few days has seen Türkiye launch strikes on several different fronts and you need to note the distinction between the different strikes that have been made.

Firstly Türkiye has launched attacks against ISIS targets inside Syria in retaliation to a bombing last week in the city of Suruc which killed 32 people and also the shooting of security officers at the border.  Simultaneously they launched attacks against the PKK (which has been designated a terrorist organisation by Türkiye) in Iraq.  These attacks were in retaliation to the deaths of two Turkish polis officers on Wednesday.   The Government also feels that the PKK is exploiting ISIS efforts.

Where do we go from here?

Türkiye has agreed to allow the US access to their air bases to co-ordinate strikes inside Syria and Iraq and has requested talks with NATO over the security of the area.  Well I am sure this will open up a can of whoop ass on someone.

Over the past few days Türkiye has also arrested over 850 terror suspects.  This is great news although I have to wonder why, if these terror suspects were already known to Türkiye, why where they not arrested earlier?  Am I wrong?  Did these 850 terror suspects suddenly appear out of nowhere?  Hardly.

The current operations underway is obviously an effort to destabilize the country which is at this time without a proper parliament.  Will the efforts succeed or will it bite the instigator on the ass?  Time will tell.


Ultimately as a tourist visiting Türkiye, your personal safety is your utmost concern.  Keep a close eye on news reports.  Register your travel plans with your Consulate and remember you are the only one that can make an informed decision as to whether or not you should travel.

Turkey map

Be safe guys.  Türkiye is a beautiful country and I am sure you will have a wonderful holiday when you visit.


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7 thoughts on “Headlines and News Bulletins

  1. Thanks for insider insight. CNN tonight (Christian Amanpour) focused on the latest developments in Turkey. Much discussion on this — politically motivated as elections are forthcoming?? Then, the Turkish bombing of the PKK. It’s all very complicated, but it was the Kurds who have made great strides in Irag against ISIS, and now they are being persecuted/bombed in Turkey???.


    • Its very confusing and the Government is making it more difficult each day. I have jusst found out that the blog has been blocked in Turkey so I am not sure how I am going to move forward myself. Imagine blocking little old me?


  2. Strange that people would think of not coming to Turkey because of what is happening in Syria. It never even crossed my mind. As you point out Turkey is a big country and ISIS would be foolish to even try to attack Turkey, the response would be devastating to them. The Turkish army is very big and powerful and given that everything South use to be Ottoman Territory, it is still viewed as potential Imperial lands. I have travelled to Turkey many times and always felt quite safe.


    • Agree Larry although to an Aussie Turkey is an itsy bitsy little country that could in its entirety in the State of Queensland. In fact we thought nothing of driving 1000 in a day to go to a friend’s house in a different state for the weekend lol!


  3. Unfortunately terrorist attack are more often against tourists. This is a sure way of crippling the economy of a country if they can make us feel too afraid to visit the country. There is always a threat to tourists in Turkey. This has not stopped the majority of people travelling there but a well placed bomb at this time would cripple the tourist industry for this and the next 2 years. Just saying. I’m due to visit Kusadassi in Sept. I still intend to go even though a PKK bomb killed a young Irish woman there a few years ago.


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