I recently did an interview with Expat.com about our life living as an expat here in Mersin.  Of course the interview gives my *cough cough* unique spin on life here.  I am certain that the interviewer thought I was quite mad.   You can have a read of the interview here.


For those of you who don’t know about Expat.com, they are an exchange network dedicated to providing free information and advice to those expats living or wishing to live overseas.  With forums, handy hints and interviews with other expats it’s a great way of finding someone in your neck of the woods.

Anyway I would love to hear your feedback on the interview.  At least let me know if I sound batshit crazy.  The Turk has been discussing buying me a straightjacket.  I have explained that they probably won’t be able to get one in my size.  Winning!


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9 thoughts on “Expat.com

  1. Love it. Very ‘you’. Beautifully down-to-earth, no rose-tinted glasses but you still make it sound wonderful. Even though I consider *my* corner of Turkey to be the ultimate paradise, you made me want to see yours. If ever I get my shit together and actually travel over your way, I hope I get to Mersin and I hope we can meet up.

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  2. Just read your interview. So funny. That could have been me in the foetal position in the immigration office during the whole ‘marriage certificate/residency permit’ episode last May. I had to content myself with rocking in the corner and mainlining Majestik when I got back home instead.

    It is amazing how, each time we renew our permits, the system requires just one more teensy weensy little bit of paper than last time. But when we get out of bed on the last weekend of October and choose between going for a walk with the most amazing views of the Greek islands or simply head for the beach, even the most recent memories of the quite outstanding bureaucracy here fade. Until the next time – probably a bit like childbirth…

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  3. Thanks for dropping by my little nest, Jane. Lovely to meet you. I’m just starting to pull things together after being in Greece for a couple of months. I look forward to delving into your content soon.


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