Squatty Potty Disaster

A public toilet in Türkiye can be one of the most feral places on earth. I guess I could say that about any public toilet around the world but as I live in Türkiye and this is a story about Türkiye then I’m going to say Türkiye.  Anyway, you would think that in the thousands of years that public toilets have existed, someone would have thought to modernise the ancient art of sıçmak (shitting) amongst strangers. What makes it all the more worse is if you really luck out and find yourself desperate to use the facilities, you follow your helpful host down a funky smelling corridor, praying that you are not about to be sold into slavery, and into a damp, dark room (why is there never any electric?) only to find … a squat toilet in the corner.   FML!

sunflowers 1

Long term readers are already aware that over the years I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the squat toilet and, despite a few near misses, I actually consider myself as a pretty knowledgable squatter.  I can usually be called on to give helpful advice to any virgin squatter setting them on the righteous path of dryness and some fabulous thigh muscles.  I mean in all these years I’ve never had spillage or splash back.  I totally have the angle sorted.  Yes, of course I bring my own paper and I always have 1TL in my pocket to pay at the door.  I can dodge a puddle and unknown entities do not phase me.  I have even mastered the skill of blocking out that smell – you know the smell –  but since my knee reconstruction it has become abundantly clear that all my past successes adds up to exactly squat (no pun intended).

While visiting Kozan recently to photograph the sunflowers (thus the photo above) I found myself needing to visit the little girls room and I was relatively happy to find a clean-ish public toilet.  Yes it was a squat toilet which could’ve potentially caused heart palipations for any lesser yabancı but for me I was happy to see it was a 6.5 on the squatty potty scale of cleanliness.  I went in for I am the Squatting Master.  I have the skills of an Olympic gymnast and the little matter of a still troublesome knee reconstruction wasn’t going to stop me from my goal.  What was going to stop my from my goal was my skin tight jeans on a fecking hot day!  Do any of you remember that episode of Friends with Ross and the leather pants?  That was me.  I was Ross and I was fecked!

ross1I don’t think I actually have to go any further.  You all know what happened next.  *Sigh*  Yes, I had a squatty potty disaster – and it wasnt a little splash back situation, no ma’am, this was a fully fledged guidance system failure thanks to my sweaty skin tight jeans that I could only drag half way down my legs and fecked up knee bent into an unholy angle leaving me in a position that I couldn’t recover from.   And as soon as I realised what had happening it was too late and I literally peed all over myself!  To add insult to injury and to drag others into my mess a friend came running to my aid only to bend over and rip her own pants!  So there we were, two yabancılar in a little town a couple of hours from home, me covered in pee and my friend showing off her blue Primark knickers (I’m not sure if they actually were blue Primark knickers).  I am sure the locals had a good old laugh after we left.  The words salak yabancılar come to my mind and I’m sure it came to many of theirs as well!

What to do?  What to do?

I guess I should say I was lucky it was so fecking hot so I dried out pretty quickly and a few squirts of deodorant returned me to my pre-pee fresh scent but after this little disaster I have made an executive decision.  There shall be no more pee stories from this little yabancı. I am now on the hunt for one of those P-EZ pee-cups stat.  In future I shall stand tall and pee freely!


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21 thoughts on “Squatty Potty Disaster

  1. I’m kind of ok with the s p but avoid them whenever possible. What I really don’t understand is how it can be possible to use the s p if you have explosive diarrhoea. Doesn’t bear thinking about 😳🤔


    • Lord Ive been there! Was in Canakkale. Handed over my 1TL was given 1 square of toilet roll. I sent Daughter out to try and wrangle more with no luck. So I handed her 5TL and told her to throw it at the lady and just take the whole roll!!! I needed the whole roll hahahaha


  2. Yep, been there, done that! And if you think it’s difficult with one knee replacement, try owing it with two! No squatting, EVER again! However, I’ve re-trained and can now do the deed standing up, more or less!

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  3. At home I’m ok with mine but I’m wary of the public squatshot as I sometimes need the support of the wall. I really don’t want to touch anything in that room. I always think I’m going to pee on my trousers.


  4. I, too, have worn my pee on my thighs, and sympathize.

    My first experience with the Turkish Toilet was when visiting Morocco and a few places in France, I always carry around a small package of baby wipes and there was one time when we were in a more rural part of Morocco that I was glad I had them. The stench was incredible, no toilet paper and when we were through, the only place to wash hands was the spicket used to wash down the waste.


  5. It is not only yabancı who have squatty potty disasters. Last year in Mersin my Turkish wife needed to use the toilet in a branch of Baymar and managed to drop her mobile down the hole.
    Thankfully it was not her Smartphone and the number was registered so she was able to keep the number and get a replacement sim card.


  6. Oh sweet my, that was both hilarious and dramatic, but it wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t so true… anytime the door opens I feel myself faced with a challenge. But many a time culture wins nature and I realise I don’t need to pee that much. Funny, how much everyday life situations teach us about our inner strength! 😀


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