Looking Beyond the Wall

I have been looking at oversized wall art or posters to install in our window when the building work is completed next door.  Here is a shot of my current view – thank you very much Vito.


And another shot with My Kedi Cat having a pow-wow with Evil from my window.


Originally I was just going to paint the wall, keep the blinds down and try and ignore the fact that my window that originally had a pleasant village view is now a butt ugly blight but Daughter came up with the bright idea of installing a painting there.  That seemed a little excessive (cost wise) however as an alternative we found some amazing wallpaper that looks like a photograph.  I found this photograph wallpaper of Kalkan Harbour.


Can you imagine this installed in the window?  I think it will rock.  The Turk wants a garden setting (of course) and Daughter wants Calum Hood (sigh) but right now I think Kalkan Harbour will be perfect and honestly a happy wife means a happy life.


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9 thoughts on “Looking Beyond the Wall

  1. I can see my wife’s aunty waving out the window, lol.

    You need to install a whopping great flatscreen. Then you can have all the harbours, Bruno’s and gardens you like 😀


  2. My grandfather painted a woodland scene at the bottom of his stairs, and if you didn’t know about it, you could literally walk into the wall! In their bathroom, he painted a window and shelf, with a view of a small harbour, boats and sea gulls.
    In my bedroom, he painted a brick wall, gate, and a black cat sitting on the column.


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