CSI Cyber – Turkish Edition

I have now watched a couple of episodes of this new CSI show and I think I am more than qualified to investigate “the Great Turkish Blackout of 2015”.

After lengthy investigation I have 3 main suspects:

  1. A terrorist plot. Who could it be?  Bilmiyorum.
  2. A pimply faced 12 year old boy trying to obtain the schematics of NASA’s space station for his bedroom wall … oh wait wrong program.
  3. Türkiye forgot to pay the electric bill – most likely.

collage 1

Here’s what I know.

I went into the city yesterday to meet some friends for lunch.  There was no electricity in the village.  I shrug my shoulders (there is never any electricity in the village).  As I reached Çarşı there is no electricity there either.  Oh well.  I catch my next dolmuş and continue through Mersin.  Pozcu – no electricity.   At this point I am like “Woah all of Mersin!  Sucked in!”.  As I reached Mezitli and my destination and there was still no electricity I realised “damn lunch is going to be cancelled” but no – bless Mersin Marina for their own electricity supply!

Lunch was lovely.  I drank too much and got too much sun.  I suffer for that now.

One friend from Adana told me her electricity was out too.  “How funny is that?  Two cities, no electricity”.

I finally got home completely sloshed and feeling no pain but there was still no bloody electricity.  The Turk informed me that the electricity was, in fact, out all over Turkey including Istanbul and Ankara and that it was a terrorist plot or a military coup.  My first thought was “Yikes”.  My second thought “that movie War Games”.  Do you know the one?  Matthew Broderick starred in it, like, 50 years ago or something, and he nearly started WWIII with the click of a mouse button.  Someone should check the whereabouts of Matthew Broderick.

Officially Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said all possible causes were under investigation “including terrorism”.  Conveniently enough President Erdogan was out of the country as was the Electricity Minister.

It has suggested to me that it was an April Fools joke.  That’s seems to be a pretty elaborate joke, well done to you, however check your calendar before you pull a prank you goose!

We finally got our electric back but not before The Turk suggested we make our own – bada bing bada boom.  Daughter said that the electrical outage was “a current event”.  You see we are all fecking comedians in this household!

My CSI investigation is still underway so keep checking back for when I finally arrest my suspect.  It will be exciting.  Seriously though, if Turkiye did forget to pay the electric bill someone should diarise this shit because it was bloody inconvenient yesterday.


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16 thoughts on “CSI Cyber – Turkish Edition

  1. Ours was out till 8pm. Friend of as friend in Tedaş mentioned mass hiring of unqualified ‘friends’ ended up with workers not knowing how to synchronise the 8 grids; simple human error. Oops.


  2. Thanks for your update…I was hoping you would give us your take on it.
    Thanks mainly for the link above to Mersin Marina, very informative….. I now know that – Mersin is part of an “Interurban agglomeration”. also that it is named after the “mersinogullari” clan. – and that Mersin’s nickname within turkey is “Pearl of the Mediterranean” (Akdenizin incise).
    – Than the coast has been inhabited since the 9th millennium BC. – Mersin has Turkeys largest seaport. – In 1918 Mersin was occupied by French and British troops in accord with the Treaty of Sevres.
    – I am not, sure about the plans to construct it’s first nuclear power station plant some 80 miles west of Mersin…. I think I would be packing my bags!
    What I would really love to do is visit St. Pauls Church and pilgrim site, and taste the healing waters, as St Paul is my favourite Apostle.
    Ah well I know that this blog was an update on the electricity blackout, which was on BBC news here. so I will stop digressing and rambling now. aahhhhh.
    Kind Regards to you and Yours.
    PS BADA BING BADA BOOM….please elaborate.


  3. We didn’t get our electricity back till 9 p.m., by which point a crowd of us were in a local bar….. with torches. On the grounds that there was nothing to do at home.
    Most here are blaming cats.


  4. I’m relatively new to living in Turkey, so this was my first experience with an extended outage. (I’ve heard they happened with a lot more frequency in the past – and that the rumoured reasons were equally creative ;-)) While most places were unable to function, I was surprised by how many businesses actually had back-up systems in place and continued with business as usual.


  5. Made me feel better that the centre of London was without electricity on April 1st and they didn’t get it back til the next day. It was nice to see people talking to each other rather than their phones and iPads although it was hairy driving without traffic lights.


    • Yikes! No electricity in London??? Is this even a possibility? How long was it out for? See it’s no drama for people living here, we are used to it, but for First World? Unheard of!!!


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