This Post Comes with a Warning Label . . .

The Turk and I went for a BBQ at his cousins this afternoon – late lunch, early dinner, a spring fling, pre-daylight savings, pre-summer when its too hot to BBQ type of BBQ.  There was a lot of food and a lot of neighbours and family enjoying the said food as well as partaking in the home made raki and wine.  This means I have “taste tested” copious amounts of homemade wine and anything that is said in this post cannot be used against me.  I know I am tipsy as I just took My Hurley Dog around the block and walked into a truck.  It was a stationery truck but a truck nevertheless so my warning label will stand.

I am going to take a crack at the Daily Prompt.  I have never done one before (I think) so here we go.


Whatever will be, will be.  The future’s not ours to see.  Que Sera Sera.

I have often wondered about what the future holds for me and for my family.  I have been to psychics many times over the years, mostly as a bit of fun, and usually these psychics were charlatans however I do remember going to one psychic many years ago who told me that I would not marry my Mr Mediocre.  He told me that I would travel back and forwards to a very hot country to visit my husband’s family.  Being half Italian I assumed it would be Italy and I imagined living in Tuscany a la Diane Lane in Under a Tuscan Sun  This psychic also said I would have one child – a girl.  Well I guess he was right on both counts (except that it was Turkey and not Italy), although I was devastated when he told me that Mr Mediocre was not my soul mate.  He explained to me that each soul that we cross does so for a reason, either to support us or to teach us a lesson and that my Mr Mediocre was a lesson that I had to learn and until I learnt it we would cross paths in each life until that life lesson seeped into my teeny, tiny speck of a brain.

I do not know whether I learnt my lesson with Mr Mediocre or whether we will cross paths again in our next lives.  I can say that when I returned from Turkey pregnant with Daughter he was engaged to another woman, the woman that he courted while he was with me, the woman that he went on to marry.  He also made many other presumptuous statements about our non-existent future and relationship but I will not repeat these statements as Mr Mediocre did go onto marry this Jezebel (sorry young lady) and they do have children so I do not wish to disparage their relationship (although I cannot imagine either of them would ever come across this little blog). I am pretty sure that if I did learn a lesson that day it was to never trust Mr Mediocre again!

There are many things I wish I could have changed in my life, things that I wish I had known up front.  Had I had known that my mum was going to pass away I would have asked her more questions, she should have told me more stories about her and about her life.  Had I had known my dad was going to leave me so quickly I would never have left his side.  I would have laughed when he laughed and cried when he cried.  Again if I was to learn a lesson from my parents it was to never let anyone feel forgotten and to treasure each moment as if it was your last moment together.  Finally had I had known that Daughter would grow up so quickly I would have spent more of that precious thing called time with her giving her all the love that I could have.  F*ck work she needs me more.

Right now I will enjoy my time here in Turkey.  It’s a beautiful evening (albeit a little windy) and The Turk has just called me to relax on the balcony.  He is reading his paper.  I have been re-reading Pride and Prejudice and will probably have a giggle at Mr Collins expense as I sit with him.  I will hum a little Que Sera, Sera and I will wait and see whether what will be, will be.

21 thoughts on “This Post Comes with a Warning Label . . .

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  2. I had my palm read twice by different people some 5 years apart. The early death didn’t come about, but i was ill for a while, and my then husband/partner was not my happy union. Now I take each day as it comes, enjoy life as best as I am able, and tell the important people in my life I love them. Life’s too short (and precious) .


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  12. How eloquent! and strangely enough…. not that different to your “sober” posts.LOL. You are so right when you say that you should never let anyone feel that they have been forgotten and to treasure each moment as if it was your last, I too wish that i had taken the time to ask my mum about her life and stories of her and her fasmily (oops, i have partaken of some liquid gold as well) growing up! It is mothers day on Sunday 30th March (put the clocks back) and it is a double egded sword for me. Although i know that my children will want to celebrate with me, it will be very hard as the last time i saw my dear mother was in a coffin on christmas eve and we eventually buried her last “Mothers Day” I miss her Sooooooooooo much! Que Sera Sera…but i do know for sure that Another Time… Another Place i will hold her in my arms again. And she will say to me ” Once upon a Time”
    Blessings to you all and sweet dreams.


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  16. I love that you can talk about your regrets.

    I believe an un-examined life, is a wasted life. Like you, I’ve got regrets, made mistakes, and I’ve learnt from them. I did what I thought was best at the time, but now I know better. I don’t consider that a failing.

    I saw a Psychic once. She told me my life was about to change dramatically. I had just renovated my home, bought a new car, and loved my job with a passion. I didn’t want those things to change!

    It wasn’t long after I saw her that my husband came and asked me if I’d be prepared to move to the US for a position he craved. I gulped, and said yes because the psychic also told me I’d resist the change, but it would be good for me. I resisted a little, but remembering her words, I left my beloved home and job to move with him.

    Living overseas for that time was a fantastic experience.


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