God I miss bacon

Seriously.  I was sitting at my desk this morning writing an email and I swear I could smell bacon.  Thinking about bacon right now is making me drool.  Literally drool.  God I miss bacon.


Bacon is without doubt the best food on earth.  There are not many foods that can evoke this type of enthusiasm from me this early in the morning but bacon definitely takes this prize.  So versatile that it can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It can be eaten on its own or adding it to anything else will only enhance the original dishes flavour.  Salad?  Yep throw in some bacon.  Roasts?  Spread bacon across that bad boy sizzling away.  Sandwiches?  Burgers?  Omelettes?  What can’t bacon improve?  God I miss bacon.

I don’t miss pork.  Never a big fan.  I do love crackling though.  God I miss bacon.

Ham.  I miss ham.  I miss The Turk’s pizza.  His pizza was seriously the best pizza in Sydney.  I miss ham and God I miss bacon.

I thought I had tracked down some ham at Migros a couple of days back.  They were selling Jambon which means ham in English.  Nearly wet myself.  After examining the packet I still thought it was ham.  I got it home.  I was wrong.  It was beef ham?  WTF??  God I miss ham and God I miss bacon.

There is a piggery in Antalya I could go to.  Antalya is, I think, a 6 hour drive from here (but 30 minutes on a plane).  Would that seem excessive?  To jump on a plane to purchase bacon?  Would I bring it back as hand luggage?  Would they even let me bring it on the plane?  God I miss bacon.

I hate bacon jokes.   I hate bacon meme’s.  They are cruel.  They are everywhere.  Every time I open any social media a joke or a photo of bacon appears.  It is akin to torture for a person in my peril.  God I miss bacon.

The Turk tells me I am being overly dramatic.  Yes, yes I am.  God I miss bacon.



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17 thoughts on “God I miss bacon

  1. ‘Cruel’ first thing in the morning as I sit down to my cardboard cereal (I mean branflakes). Now I’m dreaming of bacon butties.
    How lovely of the above people to give you options for mail order.
    I rarely buy bacon now, mainly because of the cost and the last lot shrank to nothing due to a high water content. The last two rashers cost me 74p which was 30p more than the 100g of liver to go with it! (but it was sssoooooo worth it, sigh) 🙂


  2. We’re in Fethiye and live very close to the pork shop Uncle Spike has mentioned…but we don’t use it for bacon. We buy the odd pack of Supernoodles from there, that’s all. Bacon…hmm, well, some of our friends do bring it over in their suitcases so we indulge, then, abut once a year. We save ourselves for quality stuff…oh and sausages, too. 🙂


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