Mum’s Doing a Lamb Roast

We recently got Digiturk and I have been watching the Home and Entertainment channel, sometimes in Turkish and sometimes in English.  It was a rare occurence to watch any of these shows back in Australia and now I find myself with an addiction that cannot be quenched and sadly that addiction is – cooking shows.  I know.  I need to find a support group.  Like most addictions I cannot get enough of it and worse still it has resulted in me attempting to replicate whatever I have seen on the screen.  Desperate attempts at ridiculously difficult cakes, fancy pasta dishes and over the top dinners generally results in a messy kitchen, inedible food and a very grumpy Turk.

food collage

Yep all I have really achieved by subjecting myself to this new addiction is the realisation that I really am a crap cook and really, really miss good western cooking.  Here in Mersin it is hard to have this desire for western fare fulfilled.  Don’t get me wrong there are a few good western style restaurants in the city but their dishes are not quite to the standard that you would get in your home town.  For me it is a roast dinner.

Side note – Aussie readers.  Who remembers this commercial of Naomi Watts (before she was famous) “Mum’s doing a Lamb Roast”.

To follow in Naomi’s footsteps and in light of my drooling desire for a good roast last night we feasted on a leg of lamb with all the trimmings.  We had potatoes and oodles of roasted garlic.  I made a mint sauce (which kind of sucked) and finished it off with peas and carrots.  Finally gravy.  Yes I had some gravy sauce squirrelled away for such an occasion.  I heard the moans in the audience – no I cannot make my own gravy although I have tried on many, many occasions (my mother would be so disappointed in me).  Yes I used the juices, I added the flour and the Vegemite (probably an Australian thing) but my gravy always tastes horrible and lumpy and doesn’t thicken so gravy mix I will continue to use until I become Nigella Lawson.

Speaking of Nigella and again as a cooking show virgin I don’t really know how these things go but honestly this chick is sexing up everything that crosses her plate.  The episode I watched yesterday had her sprouting these beauties “This meat is so soft in my mouth”.  The Turk turned to me in surprise and said, “I bet her husband prefers when the meat is hard”.  Not sure who is more inappropriate Nigella or The Turk!


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10 thoughts on “Mum’s Doing a Lamb Roast

  1. I can relate. I am what I call an “accidental cook.” If it comes out edible to anyone else, it’s an accident. And forget the fancy trimmings. There should be a club for people like us. 🙂

    Never could get into cooking shows, though I am acquainted with several people who follow them like most people follow soap operas.


    • All my problems stem from my inability to make gravy … or sauce for that matter. But you cannot beat a lamb roast anywhere, anytime. I too would give up dinner with Tom Cruise for a good roast!


  2. I’m glad to see I can access your WordPress site even though I’m in Turkey and don’t have a vpn.
    I can’t bring myself to watch cooking program. i wonder if it’s because I cook for a living. Do painter’s watch decorating programs?


    • If I was a chef I would probably spend my time screaming at the television that they are doing it wrong.

      Not sure what the deal is with WordPress atm. I can access it but many others here in Mersin cannot. But with me getting blocked at the drop of a hat I guess it could be anything …


  3. Jane you are not alone in the UK all the family use to love to come for sunday lunch/// but god knows why I cannot replicate it here in Turkey my blasted Yorkshires are flat as a pancake . The meat well it has a taste of its own and my hubby refuses to even touch the gravy. He never even tried it to see what it tastes like. Making home made bread well turns out like a brick my excuse is it is the blasted oven and calor gas to blame.


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